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Sanaa Cheema

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Sanaa Chema was Slaughtered by Her Father and Brother: A part of Italy is complicit to the Worst part of Pakistan

Sanaa Cheema, a 25-year-old Pakistani girl who used to live in Italy for many years, was slaughtered by her father and brother. They did not allow her to live her own life. By Souad Sbai Another victim of the politically correct, of the criminal multiculturalism, of the cultural and religious extenuating circumstances.  When Sanaa traveled… Continua a leggere

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Pakistan, Souad Sbai: Sanaa and The Other Girls Were Killed Because They Were Too Integrated in Our Society

Souad Sbai, former member of the Italian Parliament and President of the “Averroes” Study Center, comments on the recent murder of Sana Cheema. “Gujrat is a Pakistani town, located in the Punjab region, mainly living on agriculture and handicraft. The latter produces the shishas that have become so fashionable in the West, as the symbol… Continua a leggere

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