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Sanaa Chema was Slaughtered by Her Father and Brother: A part of Italy is complicit to the Worst part of Pakistan

Sanaa Cheema, a 25-year-old Pakistani girl who used to live in Italy for many years, was slaughtered by her father and brother. They did not allow her to live her own life. By Souad Sbai Another victim of the politically correct, of the criminal multiculturalism, of the cultural and religious extenuating circumstances.  When Sanaa traveled… Continua a leggere

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Pakistan, Souad Sbai: Sanaa and The Other Girls Were Killed Because They Were Too Integrated in Our Society

Souad Sbai, former member of the Italian Parliament and President of the “Averroes” Study Center, comments on the recent murder of Sana Cheema. “Gujrat is a Pakistani town, located in the Punjab region, mainly living on agriculture and handicraft. The latter produces the shishas that have become so fashionable in the West, as the symbol… Continua a leggere

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Jihadist Proselytism among the School Desks: Meeting in Rome Tomorrow

Press release by Souad Sbai, journalist and President of the “Averroes” Study Center. The Conference “The Temptation of Jihadist Radicalism”, organized by the “Averroes” Study Center will take place tomorrow, April 19, at the Primoli Foundation Hall, Rome. The meeting, moderated by the journalist Gianandrea Gaiani, will gather a group of experts who will look… Continua a leggere

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Clandestines and Terrorists, a Reality to be Aware of

By Souad Sbai From Tunisia to Sicily: arrests and wiretapping clearly show how the migrant trafficking is being exploited by aspiring terrorists in Europe. Now, it is impossible to estimate how many jihadists have arrived in the past few years, and their rank within the terrorist structures. Myths to be debunked, alarms to raise. This… Continua a leggere

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Ben Jelloun Preaches against Jihad, Far from the Frontline

by Souad Sbai (*) Tahar Ben Jelloun, from the pulpit of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, preaches against the Islamic communities that do not fight enough against extremism. However, he forgets the true moderate Muslims, who struggle and die at the hands of the extremists. It is comfortable to preach from peaceful Morocco, while the… Continua a leggere

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Extremism, Do-It-Yourself Mosques: Shame on Those Who Denied their Existence

By Souad Sbai Today, the zealous mainstream media have become aware that a part of the illegal immigration is triggered by jihadist recruitment centers, that the do-it-yourself mosques are cradles of extremist and terrorist proselytism, and that the do-it-yourself imams are serial instigators of hatred and jihad. Congratulations on such promptness, while the appeals and… Continua a leggere

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Terrorism, Italy / Souad Sbai: “The arrest occurred in the city of Foggia is the picture of the Muslim Brotherhood´s Proselytism. Do-it-yourself mosques must be shut down and funding from Qatar closely tracked.”

“ISIS has not been defeated, not at all. Actually, it is more alive than ever in Italy, as evidenced by the arrest in Foggia of an Egyptian with Italian citizenship. Under the guise of a pseudo-cultural association, the alleged terrorist used to make propaganda and jihadist proselytism, while he was in direct contact with members… Continua a leggere

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Qatar and Terrorism: Italy must clarify

Article by Souad Sbai (*) Italy did not believe in the accusations against Qatar for jihadism and international terrorism-financing. That is the statement delivered by the two Qatari diplomats that opens up a serious political problema. Is it possible thanks to Qatari investments in Italy? The answer is a must. The speech delivered by the Ambassador… Continua a leggere

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Italy´s Elections 2018. Souad Sbai: “PD pays for the mistakes in security and immigration”

    Souad Sbai: first impressions 24 hours after poll closing time   “Italy´s political landscape is scrabous, in both senses, territorial and “ideological”. If I look back and think about the period between 2008 and 2013, I have the feeling that something has completely changed in Italy. If I look ahead, I think that… Continua a leggere

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