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The Long Hand of Iran (and Qatar) in Yemen

By Souad Sbai The Shiite Houthi militias unleashed a civil war in Yemen three years ago. First, they tried to take control of the whole country with a coup d’état and later they sought to destabilize it with their guerrilla warfare. The hand behind all this is apparent. It is Iran, which is trying to… Continua a leggere

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They Strangled Her! No More Fundamentalism, No More Murdered Girls!

Souad Sbai talks about Sana Cheema and the results of the autopsy on Facebook and “They strangled her! No more fundamentalism, no more murdered girls!” “They broke her neck, they strangled her! Murdered by her own family because she wanted to choose! Because she refused an arranged marriage. After lies and deceptions, the truth emerges;… Continua a leggere


Souad Sbai sobre Sana Cheema: “La han estrangulado: ¡no más fundamentalismo, no más chicas asesinadas!”

Declaraciones de Souad Sbai, periodista y presidenta de Acmid-Donna, a el y a través de Facebook en relación al caso de Sana Chema y a los primeros hallazgos en la autopsia “¡Tiene el hueso del cuello destrozado, la estrangularon! ¡Asesinada por su propia familia solamente porque ella quería elegir! Porque rechazó un matrimonio concertado.… Continua a leggere

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Lebanon is about to Vote. Local Elections with Global Effects

By Souad Sbai In Lebanon, elections to renew the parliament are about to be held. This piece of news seems to be having a mere local relevance, and the scenario in turn seems to be very difficult to understand (77 lists are involved). However, the outcome of the elections will be of crucial importance to… Continua a leggere

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Morocco-Iran, a Resounding Diplomatic Rupture

by Souad Sbai Seven years have passed since the Arab Spring, when the extremist lobby of the Muslim Brotherhood, with the help of a large part of the West and Qatar’s funding, tried to undermine stability in North Africa and in the Middle East. Now another chapter has just begun, after the break by Morocco… Continua a leggere

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Qatar: Between Dangerous Friendships and Western Shareholdings

The country of contradictions and ambiguities By Vincenzo Cotroneo The succession of news coming from Qatar, the Gulf country ruled by the Al Thani family, is curious to the very least. Doha is maneuvering with some difficulty, but also a remarkable ability, in a scenario where bad surprises might occur sooner or later. Al Thani’s… Continua a leggere

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The Hands of Qatar and Turkey on East Africa

by Souad Sbai Qatar has signed a 4-billion-dollar deal for the Suakin port on the Sudanese coast of the Red Sea. The port, a former slave market, is also covered by Turkey. Sudan, Qatar and Turkey have more than one common goal: they have the same vision of political Islam. Strategies of geopolitical intimidation and,… Continua a leggere

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Turkey’s Offensive: “Europe Must Punish Islamophobia”

The Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Çavuşoğlu, calls Europe to criminalize criticism of Islam since it must be presented only as a religion of peace. It is a clear distortion of the past and present history, but it is also a warning signal. At the beginning of April, during the presentation of the 2017 European Report… Continua a leggere


Mujeres árabes: todas con burka y entre fogones; un estereotipo superado

de Souad Sbai  Nestlé, el coloso de la industria de la confitería, se ha visto obligada a retirar una publicidad online dirigida al público marroquí. Cualquiera de las marcas líderes en el mercado puede verse obligada a retroceder. Un hecho que ciertamente no complacerá a las pseudo-feministas europeas e italianas; la publicidad en cuestión mostraba… Continua a leggere

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