May 22 – Latest updates on the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy


Today, May 22, at Civil Protection Department Headquarters, the Operational Committee kept working to ensure the coordination of all operations by the components and operational structures of the Italian Civil Protection Service.

As per health monitoring activities related to the spread of Coronavirus across national territory, at present 59,322 people have tested positive. To date, the total number of assessed cases in Italy is 228,658, with an increase of 652 new cases compared to yesterday. 32,616 died (130 in the past 24 hours). 136,720 patients have recovered, 2,160more than yesterday. 595 Coronavirus patients are hospitalized in intensive care, 45 fewer than yesterday.

In detail, the number of infected people amounts to 25.933 in Lombardy, 8.452 in Piedmont, 4.730 in Emilia-Romagna, 3.023 in Veneto, 1.786 in Tuscany, 1.908 in Liguria, 3.635 in Lazio, 1.768 in the Marche, 1.292 in Campania, 1.838 in Puglia, 607 in the autonomous province of Trento, 1.519 in Sicily, 485 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 1.179 in Abruzzo, 224 in the autonomous province of Bolzano, 59 in Umbria, 306 in Sardinia, 43 in the Aosta Valley, 302 in Calabria, 184 in Molise and 49 in Basilicata. 

In application of the measures to contain the contagion, yesterday, May 21, the police checked 130,330 people. Those who have been reported after police checks were 545, 6 those reported pursuant to article 4, d.l. 25.03.2020 n. 19, 4 complaints pursuant to article 495 – 496 PC.

Police controlled 55,744 businesses: 20 operators were reported and 5 businesses were closed.


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