Un momento dell'acquisizione di atti relativi ad appalti disposta dalla Procura di Roma negli uffici della Consip di via Isonzo da parte di carabinieri e Guardia di Finanza. Roma, 13 aprile 2017. ANSA/MASSIMO PERCOSSI

The Public Prosecutor of Rome opens the investigation into Qatar


The burning story of the Mater Hospital of Olbia crosses the borders of the island of Sardinia and officially arrives at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome, where the investigation coordinated by the Public Prosecutor Alessandro Di Taranto was officially announced from June 3, 2019, the magistrate who beheaded a criminal association in Rome through a very delicate investigation called “Camorra”, asking for and obtaining overall penalties for 420 years of imprisonment.

This trial, which took place before the fifth criminal section of the court presided over by Maria Bonaventura, concerned three criminal associations, one of which was of mafia-type.

The “heavy” Mater Olbia file, of about 800 pages, entrusted to the well-known magistrate, sees 2 Notaries of Rome, 2 accountants, 3 officials of the court of Tempio Pausania, politicians belonging to the Partito Democratico and Forza Italia, the former ATS general manager, in addition to the omnipresent Lucio Rispo and his adventure companion Angelo Antonio Merlini.

The identity of the politicians and professionals are still kept under investigation, so that the judiciary can examine all the corporate steps that led to the appointment of directors with absolutely false and apocryphal companies related to the Qatar Foundation, including Mater Olbia, which currently risks being denied the financing of 600 million euros in 10 years on the basis of the accusation that will be formulated by the investigating magistrate.

Therefore, the mess that has arisen in the Mater Olbia operation that risks blowing up most of the Regional Councilors is not insignificant, also following their future approval to sign and grant large sums to a company whose leaders are officially investigated, but above all the investigative acts are overwhelming.


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