Coronavirus: daily data with daily increase percentages ( By Civil Defence and Ministry of the Interior)

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Published on March 31, 2020
by Amedeo Gentile
The peak is reached, the transmission index of the virus is close to 1 “
WHO: “It may have been closed a couple of weeks earlier”. The Red Cross protest: “Rescuers treated as infecters, now stop it”. The Ministry of Interior (Viminale) authorized: ” parent-child walk,  but no to jogging”
”We have reached the peak of the coronavirus epidemic, now we have to go down. ” This was said by ISS (Institute of Health) president Silvio Brusaferro, adding that the virus transmission index, the so-called R with zero, “is close to one.” In Italy, the total of deaths rises to 12,428, with an increase of 837 in a single day. The positive cases are 77,635 (+2,107), while the recovered are 15,729 (+1,109).
We are still far from the solution, as we can see from the graphs and in particular of the attached table, in the last 6 days there have been: :
31.406 Positive for COVID-19
20.114 Infected
6.367 Healed
4,925 Deceased
Numbers that show how it still is necessary to stay at home and absolutely comply with government guidelines.
Viminale: Okey to parent-child walk, no to jogging
 is “to be understood that only one of the parents is allowed to walk with their minor children as this activity can be traced to outdoor motor activities, provided that they are close to their dwelling.” This is what is foreseen in a new circular sent by the Interior Ministry to the prefects for “clarifications” on the prohibitions of gathering and traveling. Motor activity “generally allowed”, the text specifies, “should not be understood as equivalent to sports (jogging)”. Instead, it is possible to walk “near one’s home”.
A new path used by the coronavirus to enter the human cell is discovered, in addition to that already known of the Ace2 receptor. This is the sialic acid receptor, present in the tissues of the upper airways and also used by the Mers virus for the same purpose. Once inside, it uses several proteins to replicate, including some in common with the HIV virus. It is explained by two studies done by the Italian Institute of Technology published on Arxiv. This discovery opens up new hypotheses about its contagiousness and possible drugs to use.
The efforts of the Police Forces to verify the application of the provisions for the containment of the spread of COVID-19 continues, and despite the entry into force of the new sanctioning regime and the most stringent measures, 6,348 people were reported yesterday.
On Monday 30 March, 222,450 people and 88,611 commercial establishments and businesses were controlled. From 11 to 30 March 2020, a total of 3,449,291 people and 1,566,961 businesses were controlled.
Yesterday, 6,348 people were sanctioned administratively for travel bans; 94 people were reported for false statements in their self-declaration and the other 15 were reported for violation of the quarantine.
The sanctioned business owners were 145 and 22 were the business closure actions.
 We would like to remind everyone that with the entry into force of the decree-law n.19 / 2020, published yesterday in the Official Journal, the new sanctioning system provided for by art.4 is effective, which provides, among other things, in the event of non-compliance with the measures aimed at containing contagion by the coronavirus, the application, unless the fact constitutes an offense, of the administrative penalty for the payment of a sum of € 400 to 3000 €. Therefore, the sanctions previously provided for by art.650 P.C. are no longer applied.
The new sanction regime also concerns violations committed on the date of entry into force of the decree-law but, in such cases, the administrative sanctions are applied to the minimum extent reduced to half.
Last updae: March 31, 2020, 1:24 pm (By the Ministry of the InteriorTranslated by:
 Ahmed Ouagandar


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