Coronavirus: Wednesday 25 March 2020 Daily data (Source of Civil Protection) with daily increase percentages

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By Amedeo Gentile

Even today the positive trend continues:INFECTED AND POSITIVE FOR COVIT-19 CONTINUE TO DECREASE IN ITALYThe data concerning the spread of Coronavirus today March 25 released by the Civil Protection register for the fourth consecutive day a slowdown in the growing number of infections, passing from 3,612 of yesterday to 3,412 today, and also the death toll decreases compared to yesterday, although still remaining in insignificant numbers (683). The people infected presently by Coronavirus in Italy are 57,521, which is only 3,491 more people than yesterday. The people healed have increased significantly by 1,036 units reaching a total of 9,362 unitsTHE DATA REGION BY REGIONThe positive cases at present are: Lombardy: 20.591, Emilia Romagna: 8.256, Veneto: 5.745, Piedmont: 5.556, Tuscany: 2.776, Marche: 2.639, Liguria: 1.826, Lazio: 1.675, P.A. Trento: 1.058, Campania: 1.072, Friuli Venezia Giulia: 911, Puglia: 1.023, Sicily: 936, P.A. Bolzano: 748, Abruzzo: 738, Umbria: 686, Sardinia: 412, Aosta Valley: 375, Calabria: 333, Basilicata: 112, Molise: 53

CONTROLS AND REPORTINGSIt seems really incredible that the data of the people reported yesterday as a result of the law enforcement, even if slightly decreasing compared to the last few days, is still very high, in fact 8,310 people were reported and this tells us that despite all the calls made by the authorities, people continued to leave the homes for no reason.Yesterday, the police force checked 228,057 people, 8,310 of which were reported in the application of the measures to contain the infection. 89,845 commercial establishments were controlled, 13 of which have been suspended and 126 operators were reported.Thus the number becomes as the following:2,472,925 people controlled from 11 to 24 March 2020;109,964 are those reported according to article 650 of the P.C .;2,645 are the reports pursuant to the article 495 P.C .;1,141,202 are the controlled businesses, 2,506 owners are reported.Last update: Tuesday 25 March 2020, 16:23 (Source from the Ministry of the Interior)We can certainly say that the data are moderately positive and that therefore the measures implemented are beginning to bear fruit. Let’s go on in this wayIT WILL BE FINE translated Ahmed Ouagandar