Coronavirus: Tuesday 24 March 2020 Daily data (Source of Civil Protection) With increasing proportions on a daily basis

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by Amedeo Gentile

The positive trend continues today, the third consecutive day:INFECTED AND POSITIVES TO COVIT-19 CONTINUE TO DECREASE IN ITALYData on the spread of Coronavirus today Tuesday March 24 released by the head of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli, recorded a slowdown in the number of infections for the third consecutive day, while the number of victims increased slightly compared to Monday. There are 54,030 people currently infected bu coronavirus in Italy, or 3,612 more people than on Monday when there was an increase of 3,780 positives. The growth of infections from one day to another is therefore 7.2%, lower than the growth recorded between Sunday and Monday (+ 8.1%). Today’s is the lowest increase in the past five days. The victims recorded in the bulletin are 743, which brings the total of deaths in Italy to 6,820. On Monday, instead, the deaths were 601. The patients recovered are 8,326 (894 more than yesterday), bringing the total to 8,326. There are 3,396 patients admitted to critical care, 192 more than yesterday.The data region by regionThere are at present 19,868 positive cases in Lombardy, 7,711 in Emilia-Romagna, 5,351 in Veneto, 5,124 in Piedmont, 2,497 in the Marche, 2,519 in Tuscany, 1,692 in Liguria, 1,545 in Lazio, 992 in Campania, 848 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 975 in the autonomous province of Trento, 699 in the autonomous province of Bolzano, 940 in Puglia, 799 in Sicily, 622 in Abruzzo, 624 in Umbria, 379 in the Aosta Valley, 395 in Sardinia, 304 in Calabria, 91 in Basilicata and 55 in Molise. “CHECKS AND COMPLAINTSEven today, March 24, the data of the people reported yesterday following police checks is very high and exactly 9,949 people reported and this number shows clearly that despite all the appeals of the authorities, people insist on leaving their homes without reason.Yesterday the police force checked 228,550 people and 9,949 were reported in the application of the measures to contain the infection. 87,558 firms were controlled and reported, 103 operators were reported and 25 firms were suspended.Thus the total number rises to:2,244,868 people controlled from 11to 23 March 2020;102,316 those reported pursuant to article 650 of the penal code .;2,348 complaints pursuant to article 495 of the penal code;1,061,357 firms were controlled and 2,380 owners were reported.Last update: Tuesday 24 March 2020, 14:05 (Source Ministry of the Interior Source) translated by Ahmed Ouagandar