Coronavirus in Lazio region : 1008 positive (+185), 43 dead (+5), 53 recovered (+9)

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Published on 21 marzo 2020

Coronavirus infections today are increased in Lazio region and in the Province of Rome. There are 1,008 positive cases. Of these, 328 are in house isolation, 537 in the hospitalized but not in intensive care, 47 in critical care, 43 died, and 53 recovered

The regional health ministry on its social profiles Explorer that “There is a significant growth that is also associated with 59 proven religious cases, which has made the positive cases jump to 185 and to more than a thousand total cases,” said D’amato Regional Health Adviser.

He explained that “in the absence of this specificity, the trend would have been a 13% increase in line with the trend of the past few days.” Five have died in the past 24 hours. Healing data is also relevant: 9 in the past 24 hours and those who left the observation are 3064

Masks and the case of Fondi municipality. Since this morning, 12,000 masks have been delivered to ASL (local health company) in Latina, and the ASL General Manager has been assigned, as a matter of priority, to follow up on the status of Fondi Municipality, where monitoring was started by detecting the temperature of people entering and leaving the MOF (fruit and vegetable market) Screening for images by pulmonary CT in connection with the Campus University Hospital Biomedical and prepared a camper to perform tampons at home. Maximum collaboration between the ASL and general practitioners is required.

The case of infected nuns. In addition, two sister institutes were isolated with a total of 59 positive cases. The first institute is Figlie di San Camilo Institute on Anagnina Road in Grottaferrata where 40 positive nuns, one of them was hospitalized. The Institute of Angel Sisters assembled in San Paolo on Via Casilina in Rome, where 19 of 21 were positive.

In cooperation with general medicine practitioners, the new application of the region LazioDr Covid “” has already registered more than 10,000 users and 1,000 related family doctors.

Here are the provincial details.

Rome and the provinces. 623 positive cases

Asl Latina (the local health company for the Latina region). 150 positive cases

Asl Frosinone (the local health company). 129 positive cases

Asl Viterbo (local health company, Viterbo District). 78 positive cases

Asl Rieti (local health company, Rieti District). 28 positive cases

Details of the situation in ASL (local health company) and A.O (hospital company):

Asl Roma 1- 7 new positive people. 368 people left the home isolation. A pavilion at the San Filippo Neri hospital is being set up for 40 places, thanks to the operators.

Asl Roma 2-25 new positive people (including 19 nuns). 6 people left the home isolation.The Institute of the Congregation of the Angelic Sisters of San Paolo in via Casilin is isolated,19 are positive. 4 additional places are available at Bertini Hospital today.

Asl Roma 3- 7 new positive people. 2 deaths: Teo men a 65-year-old and an 83-year-old , both of whom have previous illnesses. 245 people left their home isolation. From 7 p.m. today, two other places of critical care are available;

.4 Asl Roma 21 new positive cases. 472 people are no more isolated;

Asl Roma 17 new positive people. 673 people have left the isolation. Startin from March 28, 10 places of intensive care will be available;

6 Asl Roma. 56 new positive people (including 40 nuns). 97 people left isolation. Figlie di San Camillo Institute in Anagnina, Grottaferrata is isolated. 40 positive nuns, one of them is hospitalized. From tomorrow another 20 pneumology beds for COVID-19 will be availlable at the Hospital of the Castles;

Latina Local Health Authority _ 15 new positive people. 750 people left home isolation. From March 22nd, 3 additional intensive care places are available at Gaeta Hospital. 12 extra beds available next Monday;

  1. Asl of Frosinone – 23 new positive person. 63 people left the house isolation. A further 5 intensive care places have been activated for COVID-19. Released 1 floor with 22 beds to devote to infectious diseases; Asl di Rieti. 4 new positive people. 23 people left the home isolation. Two intensive care settings were activated; Viterbo Asl – 10 new positive cases. 367 people left the home isolation.By tomorrow 8 other places for infectious diseases and 3 other places for intensive care will be available ;

1Policlinico Umberto I. Clinics Complex
Work is underway for an additional 48 infectious disease beds in the second pavilion which will be activated by March 24;

Azienda Ospedaliera San Giovanni- (San Giovanni Health Company)
4 beds and 20 more pulmonology others are available by tomorrow and other 20 internal medicine beds available to the network by March 29;

Azienda Ospedaliera di San’Andrea (Saint Andrea Hospital)-
A 92-year-old woman has died of serious previous pathologies. Starting from tomorrow other 19 additional beds of critical care 19-COVID will be available

Policlinico Gemelli (Jamali Clinics Attack)-
77 year old woman died with serious previous pathologies at Covid Hospital 2 Columbus. Further 43 beds of infectious diseases will be ready on 24 March and other 38 beds by 30 March;

Policlinico Tor Vergata (Torre Vergata Clinic Complex)-
93-year-old woman died with serious previous pathologies. The emptying of torre 8 continues and the transfers of patients from the general medicine ward to make COVID HOSPITAL 4 Tor Vergata operational. The first 40 seats will be operational from March 24th. The completion of works on torre 8 on the third and fourth floors is being evaluated;

Azienda Ospedaliera San Camillo (San Camillo Hospital)-
Intensive care beds are available to accommodate transfers of patients from the no COVID regional health network;

Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù (Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital)

All positive children are in good and stable onditions. 6 COVID intensive care areas available, 7 non-COVID intensive care areas and 15 infectious beds

Campus Bio-Medico University – 1 more intensive care unit available. Working on the screening of lung CT images by the Municipality of Fondi;
COVID 3 Casal Palocco –
12 cattive intensive care and 50 inpatient hospitalization.

INMI Spallanzani – A further 6 intensive care places are available from today.

INMI Spallanzani (National Institute for Infectious Diseases Spalanzani)

211 positive coronavirus patients were hospitalized at the Spalanzani Institute in Rome: 10 more yesterday. Of these, 19 patients require respiratory support. Further resignations of patients already negative on the first test and in any case asymptomatic. There are 324 patients discharged, who have passed the clinical phase and who are negative for the search for the nucleic acid of the new coronavirus
The patients discharged and transferred to home or to other territorial structures, including the Military City of Cecchignola, are 51 this morning. The two low-intensity Spokes are currently active (one in the north and another in the south of Rome) where patients who are still not negative but asymptomatic or slightly symptomatic are welcomed. Finally, as per the schedule, six other intensive care stations at Spallanzani and five at Casal Palocco are active from today.

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