Coronavirus Live Updates: The Virus Reaches Into Halls of Power Around the World

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President Trump said he had not been testedfor the coronavirus despite coming into contact with a person who only days later tested positive. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada is self-isolating after his wife tested positive. The leader of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, is awaiting results of his own test after an aide fell ill. And the Australian minister for home affairs, Peter Dutton, tested positive on Friday, days after meeting with Attorney General William P. Barr and Ivanka Trump.

The reach of the virus into the world’s highest political reaches was a stark reminder — if one was needed — that the pathogen knows no limits and that no corner of daily life was immune.

Three weeks ago, Wall Street was trading at record highs. On Thursday, traders suffered their worst losses in three decades, and on Friday the Asian markets took another hammering.

An avalanche of cancellations and closings gathered speed. In the United States, Broadway is going dark and Disney parks are shutting their doors for the first time since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Nearly every sport has been affected.

Even Mount Everest was closed to climbers on Friday…