Iran, stadiums banned for women: one sets herself on fire and diesHis name is apparently Sahar Khodayari and he had protested outside a court in Tehran.

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Tragedy of women’s rights denied in Iran: A young woman, whose name appears to be Sahar Khodayari, 29, set herself on fire a few days ago by pouring petrol on a court in Tehran to protest against the ban on women (penalty of jail time) ) to enter the stadiums during the men’s matches and on the night between Monday 9 and Sunday 10 September she died in a hospital in the Iranian capital. This is reported by The Corriere dello Sport.Sahar had been stopped on March 12th at the entrance to the Azadi Stadium (which paradoxically means “Freedom”) in Tehran: she had to dress as a man to see a match, but had been discovered. He played his team, Esteghlal, currently coached by Italian Andrea Stramaccioni (of which he had spoken days ago because he had been prevented from boarding to spend two days in Rome with his family and for great technical contrasts with the team Iranian). The challenger was the Al Ain Club of the United Arab Emirates, some newspapers explain.Sahar’s sister said the girl resisted the officers and was arrested. She also reported that the young fan suffered from bipolar disorder and had been in treatment for two years.The ban on women entering the stadiums where men play imposed by the Islamic Republic, had sometimes been “softened” in recent months thanks to pressure from FIFA, but remains in force. Sahar Khodayari was also defended by an MP, Parvaneh Salashouri.



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