Mexico: safe hub for jihadists


In addition to in Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Islamic terrorists have also found a safe operations center in Mexico.

If in 2005 Vicente Fox, the then president of Mexico, denounced the possible infiltrations in the country by Islamist terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda in the thriving Islamic community of Chiapas, headquarters of the secessionist insurrection against the federal government since 1994. Today the situation has not changed, rather it has worsened; In fact, in Mexico, the presence of Hezbollah and Daesh cells has been pointed out and the rumors about possible links between drug cartels and jihadist terrorist organizations have become certainties. All this in a background where there is greater awareness regarding the problem of radicalization among Mexican Muslims. A problem revealed by the numbers and news provided by the reports made by Soufan Group, Judicial Watch, Center for a Secure Free Society and the United States Congress. This has been possible since the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), led by Subcomandante Marcos, allowed a Spanish Islamic preacher, Nafia, also known as Aureliano Pérez Yruela, to preach Islam precisely to attract as many people as possible with the anti-American, anti-capitalist and Third Worldist message. Thus, the Zapatista insurrection was followed from the beginning by the Murabitun World Movement and, after careful evaluation, it was considered the ideal opportunity to create an Islamic home since hatred towards the free trade agreement was the reflection of intolerance towards the evil influence of US imperialism on the subcontinent.

The Murabitun World Movement – reported Inside Over newspaper – does not follow any anti-imperialist agenda, but it is an organization with a religious vocation regularly registered in Granada, Spain, whose objectives are the re-establishment of the caliphate in the Iberian Peninsula (al-Andalus) and the Islamization of Europe.



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