Yemen: the UN praised the tireless role played by Saudi Arabia in restoring stability and peace to the country


The United Nations envoy to Yemen praised the “tireless role” played by Saudi Arabia in restoring stability to the country’s south.

Griffiths made the comments on Tuesday after a “positive and engaging meeting” with the Kingdom’s Deputy Minister of Defense Khalid bin Salman.

At the weekend Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates oversaw the withdrawal of southern separatists from positions they had seized from the Yemeni government in the temporary capital Aden.

The Arab coalition, which includes the two Gulf countries, ordered that the fighters stand down and they revert to helping the government fight the Iran-backed Houthi militants, which controls the north.

Griffiths praised the Kingdom’s “tireless role under Khalid bin Salman’s leadership to restore order and stability in south Yemen.”

“We agreed on the need for continuous dialogue,” he added in a tweet.

Briefing a UN Security Council meeting later on Tuesday, Griffiths also reiterated his praise of the Kingdom’s efforts in Yemen and its hosting of the dialogue process in Jeddah, “which must take place as soon as possible.”




Source: Arab News

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