Saudi Arabia uses solar power to generate potable water in Yemen


The Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen has successfully carried out several projects to generate potable water, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The wells have started to produce water, meeting the needs of people in Al-Mahra governorate. Solar power techniques have been reportedly used in their designs. The latest wells constructed in Al-Ghayda directorate in Al-Mahra are Tenhalen and Dethort. The Dethort well has a depth of up to 90 meters while Tenhalen has a depth of up to 190 meters.

The Saudi program has supported the water sector in Yemen through the distribution of 120 tanks delivered to different governorates, as the first step in sustainable water projects.

The program, which covers most Yemeni governorates, focuses on vital sectors such as health, water, electricity, agriculture, fisheries and ports. There are other projects in the pipeline to support the water sector, including establishing water storage reservoirs and dams.



Source: SPA

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