Israel, Souad Sbai talks about Rachida Tlaib: “The Arab world does not need provocateurs but dialogues”


“The Arab world does not need provocateurs: there are already many, too many… But instead, it is necessary to learn to dialogue and to avoid absolutely useless and harmful behaviors,” said Souad Sbai, journalist and former member of the Italian Parliament, about the new turn in the problematic history of the planned visit to Israel of two deputies of the American congress.

The deputy of the Democratic Party of Muslim origin Rashida Tlaib refused to travel to Israel due to the “oppressive conditions” posed by the Jewish state. Yesterday, the Israeli government decided to ban entry to Tlaib and his colleague Ilhan Omar because they are accused of supporting the boycott against Israel. However, Tlaib was granted authorization to enter the country to visit her family, including her 90-year-old grandmother in the West Bank village of Beit Ur al-Fauqa, near Ramallah, “on humanitarian grounds.”For this reason, Souad Sbai, an expert connoisseur of the Arab world, judges the American deputy’s defining it as “harmful, useless and provocative: the US deputy is making a mistake in the historical period, now is the time to tone down and look for points of dialogue to obtain concrete solutions. These gestures only create confusion: they do not benefit anyone. Neither confusion nor sterile propaganda controversies serve to save lives ”; in fact, Israel had allowed Tlaib to enter the country to visit her family: an opening gesture desired especially by President Trump who personally contacted the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Tlaib had also sent a request to Interior Minister Derin where she wrote and signed that the sole purpose of the trip was to visit her 90-year-old grandmother and that “she would not promote the cause of the boycott against Israel during his stay”, precisely what the insatiable and capricious Tlaib is doing. But positioning and self-propaganda do not benefit anyone. Especially it does not benefit Palestinian people, to whom these spectacular and hysterical closures are useless; only to be used as a ball in a match where the players are other people and where they will never score a goal.




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