Russia: nuclear accident, Souad Sbai: “One of the worst cases since Chernobyl”


In Russia an atomic missile has broken out; the radiation is expanding but neither the news nor the front pages of the newspapers are dealing with the news.

“An absurd silence even though we are still paying for the consequences caused by Chernobyl,” says Souad Sbai, an experienced journalist and former member of the Italian Parliament. “There are people, also here in Italy, who suffer from thyroid tumors or other types of diseases and who are paying with life. Now we are facing one of the worst cases since Chernobyl and we are wrapped in a mysterious silence. There are few updates and we find them only on the online. The institutions tell us nothing. Should we worry? What measures are being taken ? What is known about radiation? ”asks Souad Sbai.

Souad Sbai continues: “Although the Institute for Nuclear Research in Moscow has emphasized that the levels of radioactivity are incomparable with those of serious accidents with reactors, the radiation alert has been activated. Residents of northern Russian cities near the military base they are storing iodine, frightened by the radiation alarm that Greenpeace launched on August 9. It is feared that radioactivity has been transported far from the place where explosion took place and that it has been  dispersed up to high altitude; just think that the explosion was felt up to Norway, more than 1000 km from Russia.”

Official information on Thursday’s incident is very scarce and has changed in two days. The New York Times hypothesized that the explosion occurred during a missile test, and described it as “perhaps one of the worst nuclear accidents that have taken place in Russia since Chernobyl” (on a much smaller scale). Obtaining official confirmation will be practically impossible. Can our parliamentarians update us on what could happen to us?



Costantino Pistilli

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