Egypt: Cairo terrorist linked to the Muslim Brotherhood


On Monday night, a car driving in the wrong direction in central Cairo struck three other vehicles before exploding outside Egypt’s National Cancer Institute near the Nile River. Twenty people were reported killed and 47 injured but rescue crews are still searching for bodies in the river.

Several media reported the incident only as a vehicular collision but Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, Egypt’s president, explicitly described the incident as a terrorist attack. Egypt’s interior ministry claimed the car was loaded with explosives, laying the responsibility for the incident on Hasm, an Islamist terrorist branch of the Muslim Brotherhood but the group denied the allegation.

In a Thursday statement, The Ministry of Interior said that the terrorist name was Abdul Rahman Khaled Mahmoud, aged 24 years old. Mahmoud was a resident of Fayoum governorate and wanted for being involved in another terrorism cases since 2018.

The investigations also led the authorities to other terrorist elements affiliated with Hasm terrorist group, of which Mahmoud was a member of it.

The identified terrorist elements include: Husam Adel Ahmed Mohamed, Abul Rahman Gomaa, Ibrahim Khaled Mahmoud, Ahmed Mohamed Abdul Rahman,Mohamed Ayesh and Islam Mohamed.

Both of Ibrahim Khaled and Islam Mohamed were killed during an attempt to escape from the authorities while arresting them.

The investigations also led the police forces to two locations were Hasm terrorist hide in both of Fayoum and Cairo governorates.

During storming the first shelter of the terrorists In Fayoum, the criminals tried to target the police forces by explosive devices; however after exchanging fire with them, eight terrorist elements were announced killed.

The second shelter of terrorist was in Shorouk neighborhood northeast of Cairo. After storming the location by the security forces and exchanging fire with the criminals, seven terrorists were announced killed.

Number of guns and automatic rifles up to 10 were found in both shelters along with other explosives devices.

An article by the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism explained details about Hasm. In Arabic, ‘Hasm’ means “decisiveness” but the name of the group may be also an acronym of Arabic phrase ‘Harakat Sawa’d Misr,’ which literally means ‘Arms of Egypt Movement.’ The article noted that the current goal of the organization is  “jihad and resistance,” against President al-Sisi’s regime.

In 2016, Hasm claimed responsibility for two assassination attempts and two terrorist attacks, one of which resulted in the deaths of dozens of Egyptian policemen. In 2018, the United States designated Hasm as a ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorist’ entity.




Source: Egypt Today

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