Souad Sbai: The Muslim Brotherhood and the Conquest of the West


The step with which organized extremism crosses the world is almost imperceptible. The analysis made by Souad Sbai, journalist and writer who after her book “ISIS, behind the stage of horror” talks again about radicalism and jihadist infiltration and it begins with the finding in 2001 of a document of extraordinary importance hidden in the Swiss residence of the man who has always been considered a sort of Muslim Brotherhood’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, and who tells how the project of the Muslim Brotherhood was evolving: The Conquest of the West. With her eyes and ears as a reporter, the author goes into the red line of the jihad, which leads from Istanbul to Doha, getting to touch occult funds and dangerous relations between Qatar and Turkey and the jihadist movements in Syria, Iraq and the West. She explores the current geography of extremism, the transition to the East, the renewed role of Egypt between Sunnis and Shiites, and de-radicalization techniques designed to break the thread of proselytism. And then the signs capable of revealing that the Atlantic Ocean is no longer an insurmountable barrier for certain ideas and that America, five hundred years after Columbus (today mocked and swept away by the good-minded thought) returns to being a land of conquest: not for navigators and explorers, but for jihad proselisists.

Souad Sbai

Born in Morocco but an Italian citizen since 1981, takes a Master’s Degree in Literature at  “La Sapienza”,University of Rome“ setting out a dissertation  on Islamic Law. Years later, in the academic year 2004-2005, takes a PhD  in  Euro-Mediterranean higher education and research with a dissertation entitled  Rights of Women and Associationism in Maghreb countries at the Seconda Università degli Studi  in Naples.

She is a member of the  Italian Diplomatic Academy, an Italian Institution of Education accredited as  a NGO and  subsidiary to  the Department  of Public Information of United Nations. Since 2017 she is Vice President of the Armando Curcio Institute (Istituto Armando Curcio, IAC ) and a docent for the professorship of Islamic countries Law.

From 1990 to 1995 she had been special correspondent  for the Moroccan magazine Urbain rurale and  from 1994 to 1998 she was responsible for Public Relations  for the monthly newspaper Oltre. She became an opinionist for the daily newspapers Avvenire and L’Occidentale and, from 2004 to 2005, collaborator of a tv programme on immigration, Un Mondo a Colori on Rai Educational-Raitre. Souad Sbai is chief editor of and, the portals  dedicated to arab communities in Italy, respectively written in Italian and in Arabic. At present she writes for Libero and il Sussidiario.

Sbai mostly deals with  the condition of Arab women  in the context of  immigration to Italy and denounces all the instances of tyranny against them. As the president of the Association of the Moroccan Community of Women in Italy  (Associazione della comunità marocchina delle donne in Italia, ACMID), of which she is the president since 1997,  in 2005  was convened to  participate in the  Council for Italian Islam,  set up by the Ministry of  the Interior,  to act against fanaticism and jihadist extremism.

Her publications:

Deception. Victims of Multiculturalism, Cantagalli editions.

The Broken Dream.The cultural relativism and fundamentalism Armando Curcio.

The Shadows of Algeri, Armando Curcio.

From Tunis to Istanbul. Travelling through  the Untold Spring, Armando Curcio.

Hostages of the Fundamentalism, Armando Curcio.

ISIS: behind the stage of horror, Armando Curcio.

Rachida: An Apostate in Italy, Alter Ego Publishing.






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