Montecitorio: Demonstration against Islamist extremism


“Libya, Egypt, Italy: no to the fundamentalism of the Muslim Brotherhood”. Driven by this slogan, hundreds of representatives of the civil society and human rights activists gathered in Rome on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 7, at Montecitorio Square, Chamber of Deputies, for a demonstration promoted by the ACMID Association, chaired by Hon. Souad Sbai, journalist, writer and former MP. The women and men who took part in the event wanted to send a clear message to the Italian institutions: “No more deals with fundamentalism. The Italian Government and Parliament must commit themselves to fighting the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, Egypt and in Italy as well”.

As for the Libyan crisis, the protesters asked Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, to turn against the so-called Government of National Accord (GNA), an expression of the extremist militias of the Muslim Brotherhood that are being armed by Qatar and Turkey. “To support the GNA, which keeps Tripoli and the rest of the country in a state of war, is not in Italy’s interest”, Hon. Souad Sbai said. “And it is a very serious contradiction that the UN continues to recognize the GNA as the official government of Libya. A contradiction that concerns Italy as well. To figure it out, we just have to look at the mere facts”.

The UN Special Envoy, Ghassan Salamé, recently denounced the extremist militias that back the GNA in a report to the Security Council, and for this reason was targeted by the Grand Mufti of Tripoli, Sadiq Al Ghariani, who asked for his removal. Al Ghariani is a leader of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood and has already been under the spotlight for his links to Qatar and terrorism. On the other hand, the GNA President himself, Fayez Al Sarraj, admitted to be receiving arms from Qatar and Turkey, which he termed as “friendly countries”, in violation of the embargo established by the Security Council. In fact, the Libyan National Army shot down numerous Turkish-made drones, while the Head of the Defense Commission of the legitimate Parliament handed over to the United States the evidence of the involvement of diplomats and intelligence officers from Qatar and Turkey alongside the militias of the Muslim Brothers and the GNA.

As for Italy, “the Government has been repeatedly threatened by the GNA”. Some authoritative GNA members declared that hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Libyan coast would have departed for Italy if the Government had ceased to support the Muslim Brotherhood’s government in Tripoli. Furthermore, they threatened the arrival in Italy of thousands of ISIS terrorists currently detained in Libyan prisons. Faced with such blackmails, “why has not Italy taken any initiative so far? Does Italy fear the threats of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood?” The protesters, on the other hand, encouraged the Italian government to assume “a leadership role aimed at inducing the international community to remove all forms of support for the GNA of the Muslim Brotherhood, sponsored by Doha and Istanbul”.

Not only. “The Government – Hon. Souad Sbai said – is requested to intervene to crush the advance of the Muslim Brotherhood’s fundamentalism within the national borders”. The reference is to the mosques, cultural associations, imams and Muslim Brotherhood’s militants that carry out proselytizing and radicalization activities in Italy thanks to funding received from Qatar, as documented in the book “Qatar Papers”. In this regard, the ACMID President called for “the establishment of a parliamentary commission of inquiry, in charge of shedding light on Qatar’s funding for the Muslim Brotherhood in Italy in collaboration with the judiciary”. In particular, “it is necessary to scrupulously check the identity of the actual recipients of the funding given by Doha, making sure that they are not or have not already been used for indoctrination and radicalization”. “Italy must open its eyes, recognize the danger represented by the Islamist agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood backed by Qatar and act accordingly”.

The demonstration also addressed the case of Egypt, making a very clear request: “Italy must stand alongside Cairo in facing the Muslim Brotherhood, which keeps destabilizing the country by means of its terrorist networks”. On Monday, August 5, an explosion in the Egyptian capital caused the death of 20 people and over 40 wounded. It remains to be seen whether it was an accident or an attack. The tragedy, however, “serves the purposes of the Muslim Brotherhood”, Hon. Souad Sbai explained, “because it contributes to depict Egypt as an insecure country, refraining tourists and visitors from visiting it and harming the economy. This is what the leaders of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood being hosted in Turkey and Qatar want the most”. “Their goal is to bring the population to its knees, unleash new revolts, overthrow the current regime and install a fundamentalist dictatorship: the Muslim Brotherhood aims to a new Arab Spring”.

In order not to facilitate the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans of conquest, the demonstration stated clearly that “Egypt must not be abandoned and left alone facing the threat of jihadist terrorism”. Egypt’s stability is of crucial importance to the security of the whole Mediterranean. Therefore, Hon. Souad Sbai urged the Government to ensure that “Italy is the first Cairo’s ally in Europe”.

Libya, Egypt, Italy: the Muslim Brotherhood triangle linking North Africa and Europe across the Mediterranean. To defeat fundamentalism, the demonstration promoted by ACMID launched an appeal to the Italian institutions, asking them to refuse any compromise with the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar and Turkey. “No more deals with fundamentalism, yes instead to secular and moderate forces as Italy’s partners both in domestic and foreign affairs”.



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