Turkey (Souad Sbai): “Erdogan should end up before the Hague Tribunal”


Turkey is the gateway to Europe, a nation that could be annexed to the EU but that face Erdogan’s pressures and complaints. “We will continue to dialogue with a character who has crushed the Turkish people and not only them, also all the minorities. Erdogan opened a corridor to Syria years ago, where our foreign fighters have moved. It is an open space through which all terrorists have always passed,” stated journalist Souad Sbai on Radio Cusano Campus.

The fault of the West

Turkey: Who is to blame for this situation? “Erdogan should be tried at The Hague Tribunal. Turks are moderate people, they don’t want Erdogan. We dialogue with everyone – explains Souad Sbai – but the West must give answers and it must let us understand how to get out of this situation because we are not understanding anything. We have done nothing but denounce the Muslim Brotherhood since they feed terrorism.”

The situation in Turkey is particularly critical, says Souad Sbai, “we will continue to denounce and fight. The Turkish people, as well as the Iranian people, are suffering atrocious dictatorships, old regimes that we cannot accept. We must denounce those who receive money in exchange for keeping silent, we are going to look for the money that our rulers take in private, not to mention Erdogan… Who talks about Erdogan risks. If we are not aware of the situation we are in, we cannot expect to change things.”

And a breaking news: the denunciation of the destruction of more than three hundred thousand books in Turkey. A demonstration of the great threat in the country at this moment. There is no independent and free press, the government maintains strict and authoritarian control over everything. It was The Guardian who spread the news, with an attached video showing the burning and seizure of a small part of history and culture.



Full interview: Radio Cusano Campus


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