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Souad Sbai: “Demonstration today at Montecitorio against the support offered by the Italian government to Sarraj”


Does Italy support Islamic terrorism? It seems so, since in Libya our nation supports Serraj’s Government, the government wanted by Qatar and Turkey, that is, by the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood.

However, Souad Sbai – a writer and former member of the Italian Parliamentarian who has been fighting against extremism, radicalism and violence and for the defense of human rights for years – raises her voice against the unfortunate choice made by the current government. Consistent with her battles also today, Souad Sbai challenges the scorching sun of August, the threats (past, present and future) made by Islamic extremists and the state-owned idiots’ silence, by demonstrating in front of Montecitorio: “In Libya, Italy must stand against the Government of the Muslim Brotherhood that keeps Tripoli and the rest of the country in a state of war, ”said Souad Sbai hours before the demonstration that took place today, Wednesday, August 7, in Piazza Montecitorio, Chamber of Deputies, at 6:00 p.m.

Souad Sbai, along with some deputies and senators and representatives of civil society (but without bodyguard despite Souad Sbai has received threats and attacks repeatedly) wants to represent that part of Italy that is awake and free that says: “No more agreements with the fundamentalism of the Muslim Brotherhood.” During today’s demonstration, Souad Sbai explained, a letter will be delivered to Prime Minister Conte to encourage him to adopt a significant change of line regarding the Libyan crisis.

“In fact, Italy is not interested in continuing to support the so-called Government of National Accord (GNA) chaired by Fayez Al Sarraj, an expression of the Muslim Brotherhood’s militias financed by Emirs Al Thani’s Qatar and Erdogan’s Turkey.” The GNA has repeatedly sent threats to Italy. “Al Sarraj – recalls Sbai – has hinted on several occasions that he will send hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the Libyan coast if Conte’s Government stops supporting him.” Furthermore, the vice president of the GNA, Ahmed Maitig, said that thousands of ISIS terrorists, currently detained in Libyan prisons, could have reached Italy.” Before that happens, it is a must to hear the alarm raised by Souad Sbai.

Today’s demonstration will act as a sounding board to echo this current and frightening alarm. From behind the windows of Montecitorio or from under the umbrella, listening to Souad Sbai is mandatory.



Costantino Pistilli


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