Iranian pilgrim’s sight saved by Saudi doctors at Makkah’s King Abdullah Medical City


A surgical team at Makkah’s King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC) has successfully removed a tumor from a 58-year-old Iranian pilgrim. KAMC’s neurosciences center carries out numerous qualitative and specialized rare operations, similar to those performed around the world, with a high success rate.

The tumor was discovered in the pilgrim’s pituitary gland. It was severely affecting his sight and required urgent surgery. It was performed by surgical teams from the neurology department and the otorhinolaryngology department, the Ministry of Health reported.

The patient was received at King Faisal Hospital, where he underwent a series of medical tests to identify the type of tumor he had and to measure his hormone levels.

The results confirmed the presence of visual impairment in both eyes, a damaged third cerebral nerve and a damaged sixth cerebral nerve in both eyes.

“During the surgery, the tumor was completely removed without complications” the ministry said. “The patient recovered and his eyesight improved with partial improvement in the nerves’ condition. He will be transferred from the intensive care unit to a room after his condition becomes stable.”

The pilgrim, Mehdi Mueen, spoke to Al-Ekhbariya News after the successful operation.

“I had a headache and could not open my left eye,” he said. “Thank God I feel better now.”

Only three days have passed since Mueen’s condition was identified as critical by doctors and he was operated on.

Dr. Sultan Al-Seiari, neurosurgery consultant at King Abdullah Medical City, carried out the surgery with a team of specialists. He said that the pituitary tumor was a bleeding type of growth that had affected the man’s sight and caused visual impairment.

“The case was accepted expeditiously, and within two to three hours the patient was in intensive neurological care,” he told Al-Ekhbariya News.

“The surgery was performed immediately, and the tumor was removed almost completely.”

A doctor with the Iranian Hajj campaign, Dr. Kamal Nazer, said that the patient’s family was worried and had discussed with the doctors if the surgery could be postponed until Mueen was back in Iran. “We reassured his family and wife, and they accepted making the operation in Makkah, thankfully,” he said.

The Saudi government has provided many services to pilgrims to facilitate their pilgrimage.

It has equipped the hospitals of Makkah and the holy sites with highly qualified medical and technical personnel.

The Ministry of Health is providing all medical services and improving existing ones in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.



Source: Arab News

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