Rome: young carabiniere stabbed to death


Shortly after 03:00, in Via Pietro Cossa, agent of the Carabinieri working in the Office in Piazza Farnese intervened to stop two North Africans men believed to be behind a case of theft and extortion.

When he was blocked by the agents, one of the two thieves thought to be of African origin pulled out a knife and stabbed Brigadier C.R.M – 35 years old – seven 7 times; one of the stabs reached his heart. The carabiniere was urgently taken to Spirito Santo Hospital but unfortunately, after several resuscitation attempts, he died.

The perpetrators fled and they are still missing. The search focuses on two men of Maghreb origin, approximately 1.80 m tall and thin. One of them wore a black sweatshirt and the other a purple sweatshirt. One of the two alleged authors of the crime has blond-colored hair and the other one has a colorful tattoo on his right arm.



Costantino Pistilli

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