From Bibbiano to Rome: Justice also for Syria Abdelmeguid!


By Souad Sbai

The Angels from Bibbiano begin to embrace their true parents again, at the moment four of six. The Juvenile Court of Bologna, in collaboration with the Prosecutor’s Office in the northern province of Reggio Emilia, in fact identified “anomalies” and “irregularities” in the documents on which the requests for “easy custody” were based, defended by those who, bluntly, can define as “diverted social services”. Diverted from what?

As motivation, the inevitable business of the division of public funds is pointed out. A business due to which even first citizens at the height of the PD, managers and officials were investigated. But turning corruption into the sole or prevailing driving force of this affair reduces the relevance of the ideological and moral deviation that led the Demons, the alleged experts in psychology involved in the scandal, to manipulate children and circumstances, with the ultimate goal of falsifying reports and stripping children away from their families.

What crazy theories inspired them? What objectives moved them? “Not all abuses are invented,” say the Demons to defend themselves, while recognizing their guilt and responsibility in those non-invented abuses. “If parents have problems they must be helped but sometimes it is not possible, so children are removed from their families,” they say, without explaining the reason for identifying problems even where they did not exist. What was the goal? The promotion of agendas whose enemy is the family and that are part of this perverse game that harms children. Is that why PD is silent?

The rest of the policy, that of government, was called by the strong echo raised by the scandal, to which they responded with great speeches and some slowness. The impulse given by Salvini, Di Maio and Bonafede in order to get justice for the children from Emilia Romagna and their parents obtain is a positive development, although perhaps the three leaders still do not know that there is a Bibbiano also in Rome ready to burst.

For months, little Syria Abdelmeguid (in the internal photo) has been locked behind the bars of a “Family House” located in the capital, waiting for a trial held by the Juvenile Court. Another attempt at “easy custody”, based on reports that are far from reality and this was demonstrated by the lawyers who defend Syria’s parents during the first trial.

Therefore, what has happened in Bibbiano should be a warning to the Court of Rome so that the Court does not blindly trust the reconstructions that manipulate the scenarios with the aim of definitively moving the little girl away from her father and mother. Otherwise, the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome will be forced to intervene – following the line carried out in the Reggio Emilia case – to free Syria and make her return to her family.



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