Terrorism alert in Rome: it seems that the Syrian man is no longer in Italy A quick escape: is it a test?


There is news about the case of the 27-year-old Syrian man, wanted by police forces after a report made by the foreign intelligence services.

During the night, the police ordered all the patrol cars to pay close attention, signaling to all the agents the possible identity of the Syrian man. However, the investigations carried out by the anti-terrorist body of the police, according to the sources from the Department of Public Security, have supposedly excluded the possibility that the Syrian is in Italy. The Syrian man managed to escape quickly. He has marked times until now: he decided when to raise the alarm and when to volatilize: do jihadists want to put us to the test to measure, test, record, study the reactions of our security forces?

The latest news coming from Germany reports that supposedly he connected there with his mobile phone. But well-informed sources, that are here in Italy, say that perhaps he is still in Italy.

But, where is the government? Why not organize a press conference directed also towards us, wretched mortals, to explain what is the state of alert? Are we talking about terrorism, about possible attacks? This silence of the institutions is serious. We want to know. Since it is written and said by all media that the alarm has come back. Is it true?



Costantino Pistilli

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