New video of ISIS vows to spread terror in Tunisia


A video attributed to ISIS terrorist organization has shown a group of gunmen urging more attacks in Tunisia and confirming their allegiance to the leader of the extremist organization, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The video, which was published on the organization’s official accounts on Telegram application, was signed by the “Islamic State – the Media Office in Tunisia” and videos of extremists from Tunisia are rarely circulated.

A group of masked gunmen carrying machine guns appeared in several shots in al- Harajiya area.

The video follows two suicide bombings in Tunis on June 27 targeting security forces on a main street in the capital and in a security center, killing two people which were later being adopted by the terrorist group.

The Tunisian Ministry of Interior Affairs announced that the “mastermind” of the two operations had been killed after being besieged by the security forces that shot him then he blew himself up with an explosive belt he was wearing in the “Al-Intilaqa” district of the capital




Source: Shafaq News

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