Mosques, terrorism, ISIS and foreign fighters, that’s the role played by Qatar: but in Sardinia many people forget it


The economic relationship between Qatar and Italy is growing. The Gulf country weaves new commercial relationships throughout Europe every day and at the same time invests in mosques and cultural centers.

A news that is told from many places but often the media also deny the evidence to the point that, for many people, Qatar seems to be a country open to Islamic moderation, but instead, the truth is quite different.

The impulse to deal with this issue again comes after the publication in France of the book Qatar Papers – a map of the proselytism conducted by Qatar Charity – created by two journalists, Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot.

An investigation based on original confidential documents – which are disclosed for the first time in the book – that illustrates in detail how the Doha’s regime finances extremism in Europe.

The denunciation provokes a shameful silence on the role played by Qatar Charity in financing the construction of mosques throughout Europe, including Italy, which will be later entrusted to the imams and fundamentalist militants of the Islamic Brotherhood.

Even in Italy, the voice has been raised about these strange economic and political relations with Qatar, but often these voices are silenced.

Souad Sbai, journalist, wrote a book “The Muslim Brotherhood and the conquest of the West. From Istanbul to Doha, the red line of jihad”, where she explains in detail the links between ISIS, terrorism and Qatar.

Souad Sbai talks about the thousands of mosques (legal and, above all, illegal), pseudo-cultural and prayer centers and places of social gathering where the Muslim Brotherhood, thanks to the financial support offered by Qatar, indoctrinates and radicalizes the young people belonging to the second and third generation.

But in this matter the Italian and Sardinian politics do not see, do not look and do not hear, in short, a guilty silence; the important thing is money.

From Cappellacci or Pigliaru to Solinas, relations with the Qataris do not change and we will pay dearly for this shameful facility offered to the financiers of jihadist terrorism.

We have spoken, now it is time to act!






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