A Qatari missile in Italy: this is the real news


By Souad Sbai

The news about the discovery of an arsenal belonging to a right-wing extremist group has been widespread but without highlighting that the smuggled air-to-air missile was from Qatar. But the investigations will not follow Doha’s track nor the possible participation of the emirate in the subversion of the right-wing extremism. The magic of gas-dollars.

What is a Qatari missile doing in Italy? The question arises, after DIGOS (Division of General Investigations and Special Operations) found in Pavia (northern Italy) an arsenal of war weapons in the hands of right-wing extremists, including a Franco-Qatari-manufacturing missile. Although it lacks the warhead (fortunately), the missile that is in excellent condition has a value of 450,000 euros and is currently used regularly by Doha’s armed forces.

In addition to financing mosques, associations, imams and Muslim Brotherhood militants throughout the country, as reported the book entitled “Qatar Papers”, does Doha also support extreme right-wing subversion groups? For what purpose? Maybe in order to keep Italy in check, heating the extremism thermometer, either jihadist or right wing, but also the leftist one, given the adherence showed by the left to the Muslim Brotherhood? In this regard, it would be interesting to hear the answer given by Doha Ambassador, if the prosecutor who is investigating decide – properly – to question him as a person potentially informed of the facts. The questions to ask the Ambassador should actually concern other cases as well. Cases not only of radicalization, but of corruption like that of the Mater Olbia hospital in Sardinia.

The feeling, however, is that Doha will continue to get away with it. Al Thani emirs must protect business from the possibility that they will be nailed to their responsibilities. In fact, economic relations are booming, bringing joy to certain Italian diplomacy in Qatar. Remaining on the armaments front, while all the newspapers reported the news of the discovery of the missile, the conclusion of a mega contract for the sale of Italian ships and missiles to the Doha armed forces was announced triumphantly. A billion euros in exchange for spreading the fundamentalism of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporting extremism of another kind in Italy?

In addition to economic, political and pseudo-cultural relations, military relations are a cause for concern. Recently, four female soldiers from Qatar completed a training course in Italy thanks to which they have obtained the license to pilot helicopters. At first glance, we could think that it is a positive development, a sign of the advancement of Qatari women’s social position to which Italy has also contributed. However, showing the female face of military relations between Rome and Doha also serves to divert attention from the important contribution made by Italy to strengthening the offensive capabilities of the armed forces of a rogue state embargoed by neighboring countries because of its support for terrorism and for the fundamentalist subversion of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as due to its links with the Erdogan’s Islamist Turkey and the Iranian Khomeinist regime.

The same observation can be applied to the United States, that recently signed an agreement related to military supplies worth tens of billions of dollars with Doha, despite the fact that President Donald Trump has repeatedly accused Qatar of financing terrorism, reiterating at the end of April his intention to declare the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. How is it possible to sell weapons systems, almost like those of star wars, to a country recognized for having committed the worst atrocities and that therefore represents the main threat to security and peace at the international level? This kind of paradox is possible thanks to the magic of Doha’s gas dollars, which manage to make disappear the atrocities of emirs Al Thani’s policy in the name of the strengthening of the economic relations. But doing business with emirs Al Thani, no matter how lucrative they are, is not a good business. Italy thought it would get protection by submitting to the Islamist agenda of Doha and the Muslim Brotherhood in exchange for gas-dollars. And now it discovers that, even behind the plots of extremist right-wing groups within his own territory, is probably Qatar. So, what will the United States discover? Trump is fooling himself if he thinks he can better control the work carried out by Doha by selling weapons and maintaining Al Udeid air base.

Pecunia olet, at least the one from the emirs Al Thani. Therefore, we must stop ignoring the threat: relations with Qatar must not be strengthened, they must be broken!




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