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The Qatari missile, Souad Sbai’s warning: “it is possible that a hot August awaits us”


“We are worried because there is a situation that suggests that ISIS is ready to attack everywhere,” says Souad Sbai, a journalist and an expert on the Arab world and on Islamic terrorism, who adds: “a hot August could await us.”

According to Souad Sbai “the threat is imminent and concrete. Qatar should not be underestimated either politically or economically.” Sbai refers to the perfectly functioning air-to-air missile found among the weapons seized by the Anti-Terrorism Police during an investigation carried out against a group of alleged right-wing extremists with extremist ideologies who in the past allegedly fought in Donbass, in Ukraine. The missile, according to the findings provided by the investigation, was allegedly being used by the Qatari armed forces. In addition, an entire arsenal of other weapons of war has also been seized.

This happens while the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) claims to have killed an ISIS terrorist and to have arrested two other alleged extremists in the Rostov-on-Don region in southern Russia. According to the Russian authorities, the leader of the group was killed after he opened fire on the agents who were trying to stop his car near the town of Glinki and, according to the FSB, this is how was dismantled an ISIS cell that was preparing to “execute an attack against police officers and carry out terrorist acts in crowded places.”

What is a Qatari missile doing in Italy? The question arises, after the discovery in Pavia (northern Italy) of an arsenal of war weapons in the hands of right-wing extremists. In addition to financing mosques, associations, imams and Muslim Brotherhood militants throughout the country, as reported the book entitled “Qatar Papers”, does Doha also support extreme right-wing subversion groups? For what purpose? Maybe in order to keep Italy in check, heating the extremism thermometer, either jihadist or right wing, but also the leftist one, given the adherence showed by the left to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Souad Sbai, a former member of the Italian Parliament with the PDL and a woman who has always been totally committed to the fight against Islamic terrorism, says that doing business with emirs Al Thani, no matter how lucrative they are, is not a good business. Pecunia olet, at least the one coming from Doha.



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