Centro Alti Studi Averroé, the new book on Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood is now available

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The threat of jihadist radicalization and extremism does not only concern the Middle East and the Islamic countries. In fact, over the last decades, the influence exerted by members of the Muslim Brotherhood and organizations linked to the terrorist organization, has also increased in Europe, thanks to political and financial support from Emirs Al Thani’s Qatar and Erdogan’s Turkey. With the book “Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood. From the Middle East to the conquest of the West “(Ad Maiora 2019), Averroè High Studies Center intends to spread a greater awareness among public opinion and amongs the workers in the sector about the threat represented by Muslim Brotherhood’s fundamentalism even outside the Arab and Islamic world.

With the prologue written by Salvatore Sfrecola, former Magistrate who worked at the Court of Accounts, the publication begins with an essay written by the president of the “Centro Alti Studi Averroè”, Souad Sbai, and continues with analytical articles written by academics, experts and journalists (Adriano Segatori, Francesca Musacchio, Davide Racca, Gianpiero Spinelli, Stefano Amodio, Alberto Rosselli). From different angles, the authors trace the origins and describe the development of the threat represented by the Islamist alliance, offering a new testimony on the reality of its expansionist designs that concern both the Middle East and the West, including Italy.





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