Pakistan: courts for women, free of Islamists


By Souad Sbai

More than one thousand courts for women are born in Pakistan. They have become necessary because ordinary justice is too dominated by Islamist ideology. An ideology that does not defend women from aggression, but rather segregates them. The dominant ideology is that of the Muslim Brotherhood; just the allies of the Western progressives.

A thousand defense courts for women. To be precise, 1,061, at least one in each district of the country. We are in Pakistan, where acid attacks are a well-established practice, an evolution of the techniques of violence against women, in addition to beatings, rapes, kidnappings, accusations of having committed honor crimes, etc. In 2018, Il Messaggero reports, the Pakistani Human Rights Commission counted 845 cases of officially certified sexual violence, but the actual ones are many more, because the fear of denouncing, of not being listened by the authorities, of suffering sanctions of social nature and further abuses, prevent Pakistani women from rebelling and demanding justice.

The decision to establish special courts distributed throughout the national territory responds, therefore, to the need to guarantee women a safe and reliable reference point to which they can go, where they will find magistrates with a secular and moderate vision, sensitive to respect for human rights and women’s rights. In fact, the Pakistani courts have often proven to be as fundamentalist as the Taliban and other extremist forces that have held the country hostage for decades. Just think about the many convictions for blasphemy, that mainly affect minorities, such as the Christian one.

Fundamentalism has managed to penetrate the vital ganglia of institutions and justice is one of the main pillars of power. The defense courts for women, therefore, will not have an easy life. They will certainly be subject to controversy and attacks by the radical component. It is a social and cultural war, which requires great courage and determination to move forward. Extremists have no qualms about killing, as has already been shown in numerous circumstances.

But what is the ideological vision that justifies and encourages so much violence against women? It is always the same, both in Pakistan and in the rest of the world with an Islamic majority: the Muslim Brotherhood. Even in south-western Asia, in the Indian subcontinent, the binomial Hassan Al Banna-Said Qutb is the platform on which contemporary fundamentalism has been built leading to the jihadist terrorism of Al Qaeda and ISIS. In the Arab world, it was the Egyptian sheikh of terror and tele-preacher for Al Jazeera, Yusuf Al Qaradawi, who gave continuity to the line of thought of the two bad masters of the Brotherhood, with the support received from emirs Al Thani’s Qatar and Erdogan’s Turkey. In Pakistan, on the other hand, the main propagator of the fundamentalism spread by the Muslim Brotherhood is Abul Ala Mawdudi. Theorist, writer and cult figure of Asian political Islamism, Mawdudi was the founder of the Jamaat Al Islamiyya party, that had a disastrous influence on the history of Pakistan, but also on that of Bangladesh, causing extremist deviations in both countries. Today, both the Pakistani Jamaat and the Bengali have close ties with Turkish President Erdogan’s AKP Islamist party.

According to the Divine Laws for women’s movements formulated by Mawdudi, gender segregation is essential for justice and for the progress of society. Women must carry out activities that are strictly different from men, on the basis of their natural physical and mental attitudes, and must leave the home only if strictly necessary. The concept of “women empowerment” coined in the context of Western modernity “de-feminizes” women, preventing them from playing the role of “guardians of Islam”. What is happening in today’s Pakistan, as well as in neighboring Afghanistan and beyond, is a consequence of Mawdudi vision, the founding sheikh of the Muslim Brotherhood in Asia.

The challenge facing Pakistani women is enormous; the establishment of special courts signals the transition to a counter-offensive in the struggle for rights. It’s a war and the feeling is that Pakistani women are practically fighting alone. Free Western women, who were not born in a context marked by the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, continue to show a great indifference towards the fate of women who live in other countries where the fruits of the preaching of Qaradawi and Mawdudi govern.

In fact, paradoxically, there are women in the West who do their utmost to promote the advance of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are the leftist women, possessed along with their male colleagues by the demon of the alleged multiculturalism, which also legitimizes fundamentalism. PD Case in Italy is emblematic. Promoting the feminine figure at the political and media level solely and exclusively because she wears a veil or because she is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood is an essential contribution to advancing the Islamist agenda pursued by the Brotherhood, aimed at progressively eroding women’s rights and not the rights of those who profess the Islamic religion.

The ultimate goal is women’s submission, a pillar of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, regimes and political, social and cultural forces that refer to and exploit the religious factor to grant sacred divinity to the Laws theorized by the thinkers of evil like Mawdudi. The Jamaat Al Islamiyya in Pakistan and Bangladesh, the Khomeinist regime in Iran, Hamas in Gaza, Erdogan in Turkey, all the organizations and militants of the Islamist network of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe supported by Qatar, the great banker of the fundamentalism as reported the book Qatar Papers, and the multicultural western leftists: they are the enemies of women’s rights throughout the world. The war continues …



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