Algeria: Justice Minister compares corruption to terrorism


Slimane Brahimi, Algerian Justice Minister, expressed the State strong crackdown on corruption and assured that stolen public funds will be restored by judicial means, according to the local press.

The El Moudjahid newspaper posted that Slimane Brahimi warned about the need to preserve the good progress of companies affected by scourge, whose authors are in pre-trial custody. In this regard, he argued for finding possible mechanisms to increasingly fight corruption in these institutions.

Brahimi stressed that cracking down on corruption and suborners ‘cannot be effective if stolen money is not restored.’

After the resignation of then President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, in early April, the new authorities, driven by the Armed Forces, started a new campaign against corruption by putting prominent businessmen and former employees in hands of justice.

Former ministers, high-ranking Intelligence and Army commanders have reported to magistrates for embezzlement of public property.

Among those arrested for alleged public property misappropriation and influence trafficking crimes are the brothers Reda, Tarek, Abdelkáder and Karim Kuninef, who own KouGC oil industry

Cracking down on corruption has been one of protesters’ goals. Protesters have been still taking to the streets since February 22 to demand changes in the Algerian system and the resignation of major representatives.




Source: Prensa Latina

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