Tunisia: The Muslim Brotherhood is ready to take advantage of Essebsi’s exit scene


By Souad Sbai

Tunisia, June 27: a crucial day for the future of the country. The double terrorist attack and President Essebsi’s illness could relaunch Ennhada, the fundamentalist party of the Muslim Brotherhood, on a political level.

During the five years of his presidency, Essebsi has been the main wall against the ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood to impose a fundamentalist dictatorship with the support of the Emirs of Qatar and Erdogan’s Turkey.

Essebsi prevented the Arab Spring from turning into an Islamic winter. But the lack of an authoritarian successor as the leader of the party he founded, Nida Tounes, is a blow to the moderate and reformist front in view of the upcoming presidential elections in November (the parliamentary elections will be held in October).

Ennhada could take advantage of this situation to remain an influential political actor and destroy Essebsi’s commitment to human and civil rights, especially for women.



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