The Muslim Brotherhood demonstrates in Milan to remember Morsi


Milan: demonstration to remember Mohamed Morsi, the former Egyptian president who died last June 17, during the trial against him for murder, kidnapping and espionage. The meeting took place on Saturday afternoon at 17.30 in Piazza Duca d’Aosta. Thanks to some Facebook pages of Islamic cultural associations and mosques in the Lombard capital, it was possible to find the poster with the reference to the event.

“In mourning for President Mohamed Morsi’s killing – we read on the poster – induced to suffer to the death”. Furthermore, on June 18, again on Facebook, postings of mourning appeared with the image of Morsi and condolences.

During the improvised rally, held in front of some dozens of people mostly Egyptian people, but also some Italian converted to Islam, there were talking members of the Islamic community of the Lombard capital.

They remembered and exalted the figure of the late Mohamed Morsi, emphasizing the “martyrdom” to which he was subjected during his imprisonment and his death caused by Abdel Fattah Al Sisi’s regime.

Mohamed Morsi, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist organization, was deposed in 2013 (one year after his election) after a coup by the current president, former general Abdel Fattah Al Sisi. Morsi’s membership in the Brotherhood marked the political line as president of Egypt. For example, he took a stand against the Miss Egypt beauty contest, which he judged contrary to sha’aria.

Outlawed Muslim Brotherhood

From last April, according to a news reported by the New York Times, the White House is considering the possibility of including the Muslim Brotherhood on the list of terrorist organizations as has already been done by other countries, including Egypt.




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