Qatar: Platini taken into custody, what about Sarkozy?


By Souad Sbai

Former UEFA president, Michel Platini was detained and questioned in Nanterre, Paris, reported Platini’s lawyers. He arrived at the office of the Anti-Corruption Department of the Judicial Police as a witness. There is no need to rejoice over what happened and there is no reason to address the issue from the point of view of the followers that are unleashing because of the Juventine past of “Le Roi”. Rather, it is necessary to act, to take the only possible and ethically necessary decision: to revoke the assignment to Qatar of the 2022 World Cup.

France’s National Financial Prosecutor’s Office opened a preliminary investigation in 2016 into allegations of corruption, criminal conspiracy, trading in influence and influence peddling surrounding the Qatar vote. But the circle that today seems to have closed around Platini calls into question much higher political (and geopolitical) levels, as confirmed by the presence in the circle of Sophie Dion, former sports advisor, Claude Guéant, former general secretary of the Elysée presidential palace (unlike Platini and Dion, Guéant was questioned while in freedom).

In the past, Platini admitted that in December 2010 he voted for Qatar. But beyond the justifications of circumstance – “after the World Cup in the United States, Korea and Russia, why not in a Gulf country?” – it would be interesting to know what led him to withdraw his support to celebrate the World Cup in the United States. Sky News reports on the statements made by former FIFA president Sepp Blatter, according to which Platini communicated to him his decision to support Qatar’s candidacy because “the head of state had told me that we should consider the situation in France.”

This leads to the meeting between Platini, Sarkozy and the current Emir of Qatar, Tamim Al Thani, who at that time was crown prince, heir to the throne of Doha. After this summit, Platini adopted the presidential line favorable to Qatar: all successive corruption is a consequence. The consequences have been the destabilization of Libya and the killing of Gaddafi, the result of a Sarkozy-Al Thani joint venture, although currently France and Qatar are on opposite fronts in the ongoing battle for the capital Tripoli.

To obtain the assignment of the celebration of World Cup 2022, the Qatari corruption operated of course on all the fronts of interest and, therefore, it could not forget Blatter’s FIFA, that supposedly received the modest sum of 880 million dollars in several payments disguised as television rights, reported a recent investigation by the Sunday Times. Blatter and Platini had already been protagonists of suspicious millionaire payments, which cost Platini a suspension by FIFA for “violating the code of ethics.”

The evil power of the mountains of money that feed football today, less and less a sport and increasingly a business, which even violates the rules. A world, that of today’s sport, where Qatar has demonstrated to feel at ease, distributing rivers of gas-dollars also to obtain the assignment of the World Athletics Championship; something demonstrated by the investigation in which Paris Saint-Germain president Nasser Al-Khelaïfi has been involved.

Qatar is a factor of corruption in international reality. Where Doha is with its alleged investments, there is corruption. Just see the case of the Alma Mater hospital in Sardinia. And if there is no corruption, there is the extremism of the mosques, cultural associations, imams and militants that are spreading the proselytizing of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout Europe. Just browse through the research book “Qatar Papers”, which has forced even the most skeptical and the ill-informed to recognize the role played by Qatar in promoting the advance of the Islamist agenda also in Italy.

The clamor caused by the preventive detention to which Platini is subjected, has taken place only a few days after the scandal caused by the spread of the documentary by the German broadcaster Wdr on the conditions of slavery in which tens of thousands of foreign workers employed in the construction of the stadiums that will host  the damned World Cup 2022.

Qatar has already won the World Cup of corruption, extremism and human rights violations: the international community must intervene to remove Doha from the World Cup and the Cup of any sport.


Michel Platini, arrested yesterday, was released from custody on Wednesday. For several hours, by France’s National Financial Prosecutor’s Office, in Nanterre, on the outskirts of Paris, he was questioned over the role played in 2010 in the awarding (at the time it was a surprise) of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar; a country with important economic links with France. Investigators opened a preliminary investigation in 2016 because they suspect that the Persian Gulf country was related to corruption.

Leaving the prosecutor’s office at night, Platini said that he answered ” everything calmly “. “It went on for a long time but, given the number of questions, it couldn’t have been any other way. “They asked me about Euro 2016, the World Cup in Russia, the one in Qatar, FIFA,” he added.

The former Juventus football player became the number two of this organization (at that time chaired by Blatter) and president of UEFA.






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