Egypt: Morsi, a Top Figure in the Dangerous Muslim Brotherhood, Dies


Egypt’s state TV says the country’s former President Mohamed Morsi collapsed during a court session and died on Monday. It said Mursi had fainted after a court session and died afterwards.

“He asked the judge to speak, and was allowed. After the case was adjourned, he fainted and died. His body was then transferred to the hospital,” reported the Egyptian state newspaper al-Ahram, referring to Morsi’s retrial for allegedly spying for the Palestinian Islamist organisation Hamas.

Morsi, a top figure in the Muslim Brotherhood who was the first democratically elected president in Egypt’s modern history, had been in jail since he was toppled by the military in 2013 after mass protests against his rule.

Morsi was arrested after the 2013 coup and has faced trial on three separate counts of leaking state secrets to Qatar, killing protesters during a sit-in outside the presidential palace, and spying for Hamas.

He was facing several charges, including espionage, killing protesters, prison escape, judiciary insult and a life sentence for spying for Qatar and a 20-year sentence for killing protesters. A death sentence for charges relating to a mass jailbreak during the revolution was overturned in a retrial in November 2016. In 2016, Morsi was given a life sentence in an espionage lawsuit as he was charged of spying for Qatar. A year later, the sentence was upheld by the Court of Cassation

Morsi became president in 2012, following Egypt’s first and only free elections after the dictator Hosni Mubarak was forced from power. But his time in power was cut short a year later as demonstrators once again took to the streets to protest against Morsi’s rule. Egypt’s military seized power in a coup days later on 3 July 2013, bringing the then defence minister, Abdel-Fatah al-Sisi, to power.






Source: Reuters – The Guardian

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