Qatar Foundation: investigation carried out by the Rome’s Public Prosecutor on suspicious funds donated to Alma Mater Hospital


Alma Mater Hospital, “Rome’s Public Prosecutor will shed light on the matter, but beware of Qatar’s attempts to tamper with the evidences”. This was stated in a note by Souad Sbai, President of the Averroes Study Center and of the Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy.

Global Migration Compact

It has long been known that the EU Commission and the European Council would like to make the treaty that would make the “Global Compact” mandatory for member countries. Souad Sbai has been working for years on an information campaign on the fight against extremism, paying special attention to fundamentalist movements and groups united to the Muslim Brotherhood in Italy and Europe. Souad Sbai is engaged in an information campaign on the fight against extremism, with particular attention to the fundamentalist movements and groups tied to the Muslim Brotherhood in Italy and Europe.

Now, Islamization is a phenomenon that is taking on the characteristic features of an “invasion”, because we no longer talk about an individual and numerically weak migration, but about masses of people who leave their places of origin with the intention of imposing their uses and customs in the host country.

Alma Mater Hospital

The story of Alma Mater hospital is yet another case of devious infiltration disguised as charity.

As reported by the book titled “Qatar Papers” and reiterated by the President of Averroè Study Center: From the Qatar Foundation to the Qatar Charity there is only one small step. It is necessary that scrupulous judicial investigations are also carried out to ascertain the use that is made of the millionaire funding that Qatar Charity has donated to the structures and agents of proselytizing and to the Muslim Brotherhood in Italy.”

The dossier on the hospital funded by the Qatar Foundation has gone from a small town in Sardinia in the province of Sassari, Tempio Pausania, to investigators in the capital.

Also this time it seems that the economic support provided by Qatar Charity to mosques, cultural associations, imams and Muslim Brotherhood’s militants in Italy and in the rest of Europe, hides alleged investments that lead to corruption, illegality and extremism.

“False signatures, judicial aiding and abetting, international corruption, lawyers, businessmen and politicians: everything can be referred to the role played by the Qatar Foundation owned by the Al Thani emirs”, the former center-right parliamentarian, Souad Sbai, explains.

Qatar “flatters” FIFA

Everyone knows the case of the 2022 World Cup where Qatar allegedly would have paid large sums of money to obtain the assignment. Suspicions, clues and revelations have repeatedly filled international news; in fact, FIFA would have succumbed to the “economic adulation” shown by the emirs of Doha, allowing them to organize the most important football competition in the world.

The European Parliament also questioned, in June 2015, cases of corruption among FIFA leaders and highlighted the crucial importance of the criminal investigations initiated by the Swiss and US authorities regarding the assignment of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. The European Parliament also expressed concern both over the situation lived by migrant workers in Qatar employed in the construction of the infrastructures necessary to celebrate the 2022 World Cup, and over the kafala system, i.e. forced labor, dangerous working conditions, work in extreme heat six days a week and live in unhealthy and overcrowded work camps. Therefore, the European Parliament invites Qatar to ratify, regulate and implement fundamental labor rights and the international convention on the protection of the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families.

“Qatar is under investigation in various countries for allegedly corruption crimes in the business world, even in the sports world. Wherever Doha is present with its money, there is corruption and lawlessness”.

The international community has opened the eyes. It’s time to break off relations with Qatar.

To deepen the subject Souad Sbai, journalist, writer and expert on integration policies and Islamic terrorism, was interviewed by “La Voce del Patriota” to explain the details of the relations between Italy and Qatar.



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