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Alma Mater Hospital, “Rome’s Public Prosecutor will shed light on the matter, but beware of Qatar’s attempts to tamper with the evidences”. This was stated in a note by Souad Sbai, President of the Averroes Study Center and of the Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy. From Tempio Pausania in Sardinia, the dossier concerning the hospital funded by the Qatar Foundation has passed onto the hands of the investigators in Rome.

“False signatures, judicial aiding and abetting, international corruption, lawyers, businessmen and politicians: everything can be referred to the role of the Qatar Foundation owned by the Al Thani emirs”, the former center-right parliamentarian explains, adding that “Qatar is under investigation in various countries for corruption crimes even in the sports world. Wherever Doha is present with its money, there is corruption and lawlessness”.

A journalist and writer, Souad Sbai is engaged in an information campaign on the fight against extremism, with particular attention to the fundamentalist movements and groups tied to the Muslim Brotherhood in Italy and Europe.

“From the Qatar Foundation to the Qatar Charity: thorough judicial investigations are needed to ascertain the use that has been made of the millionaire funding provided by the Qatar Charity to the proselytizing structures and militants of the Muslim Brotherhood in Italy”, the President of the Averroes Study Center said, referring implicitly to the inquiry book “Qatar Papers”, which has exposed the economic support of the Qatar Charity to Muslim Brotherhood’s mosques, cultural associations, imams, and affiliates in Italy and the rest of Europe.

“Even the story of the Alma Mater Hospital – Souad Sbai concludes – shows how doing business with Doha is not really a good business. Doha’s alleged investments only bring more corruption, more illegality and more extremism. The international community has opened its eyes: it’s time to break off relations with Qatar”.

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