Tripoli – Lebanon. Terrorist Attack on the Eve of Eid Al Fitr: 4 deaths among the army and the internal security forces, several wounded


“The Tripoli incident was a surprise to all, but the Lebanese army and security forces were on standby and were coordinated before the holidays,” said Elias Bou Saab, Lebanese Minister of National Defense The plan of the bomber was perhaps more ambitious than what happened.

“The terrorist operation led by the terrorist Abdurrahman Mbassout is still unclear and so far we are facing a person imprisoned for belonging to terrorist organizations,” Bou Bouab said on Tuesday. Know the value of these sacrifices.”

He explained that “he does not want to anticipate investigations but talks about certain political interventions in such cases” and stressed that “the Lebanese army is not a political issue, but that A responsibility for security is not discussed at the Council of Ministers table, “he said. The issue of Measure # 3 is also not addressed in Cabinet. We can not speak bilingual with the army and security forces inside and outside the government. ”



Source: National News Agency

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