Killed in Pakistan, closed investigation into the death of Sana Cheema: her father and brother accused


The Brescia public prosecutor’s office closed the investigation into the death of Sana Cheema , the 24-year-old of Pakistani origin, an Italian citizen, killed in Pakistan a year ago, on April 18, after refusing an arranged marriage. The attorney general, Pierluigi Maria Dell’Osso, has accused the father and brother of the young woman of premeditated murder. In Pakistan all the people involved were acquitted for lack of evidence.

The prosecutor said it was “a political crime, because it offends the civil rights of an Italian citizen, in this case Sana”. And he added: “Closing investigations so quickly is a statement of justice that the Pakistani community, very numerous in Brescia, appreciated. A murder like this cannot go unpunished”.

Strangled by the two family members – “The father and brother of the victim – further explained Dell’Osso – are accused of having caused the death of Sana by violent mechanical asphyxiation through strangulation, thus annulling her fundamental social and absolute political rights; killed for having repeatedly refused the marriage decided by her relatives “. The aggravating circumstance of premeditation is also contested.

Sana’s father is also accused of mistreatment in the family. Sana would have been harshly reprimanded by the man “for his way of life in contrast with the traditions of the family and of the caste. On November 20 he had also beaten her with a wooden object while once in Pakistan he had removed her passport for don’t let her go back to Italy”.



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