Turkey: Erdogan prepares a repressive advance against the democratic opposition


By Souad Sbai

Under the already evident dictatorship of neo-Sultan Erdogan, Turkey is taking on contours increasingly similar to those of Khomeinist Iran. Not only because of the fundamentalism that Erdogan and Erdoganists impose above all on the new generation, tendentially secular as the Iranian one, but also because of having turned Turkey into a rogue state; a threat to security and peace in the world like the Khomeinist regime.

Erdogan’s regime is also copying from Khomeinist regime repressive, brutal and unscrupulous methods against opponents. The purges carried out by Erdogan have become normal since the famous July 2016, since that alleged coup that allowed Erdogan to implement the plan of purges already established. There are 80,000 people arrested accused of gulenism so far: professionals, academics, teachers, public officials, judges, police, military. The alternatives to prison are the suspension from functions for hundreds of thousands of people or being forced to do nothing; threatened by the prisons of horror.

In addition to the Gulenistas, the arrests, ostracism and intimidation they have not forgotten politicians, journalists, human rights activists, Kurds and, in general, those who have not submitted to the Sultan-Dictator’s system. The number of detainees in Turkey has reached 800 thousand and, of course, Erdogan does not raise the problem of overcrowding in prisons, since the purges continue unstoppable to make a clean of those who are not on their side.

Even foreigners residing in Turkey due to work reasons can no longer sleep peacefully. The case of Zaki Hassan, who is much worse than Khashoggi’s case, has given us a lesson because, unlike the Saudi journalist on the Qatari payroll and lover of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan does not seem to be involved in regional affairs. Furthermore, no evidence was presented by the Turkish authorities to justify the accusations of espionage.

Therefore, Hassan was probably the victim of a plot organized by the Arab Islamist circles present in Istanbul and by Erdogan’s intelligence services, that literally built the incident to misinform the international community using the media echo guaranteed by Al Jazeera . A low blow that reflects the soul of the Islamist alliance formed by Erdogan’s Turkey, Al Thani Emirs’ Qatar and by the Muslim Brotherhood and extended to the Iranian Khomeinist regime.

Not even the coroner thinks that Hassan died by suicide as his torturers wanted to make the victim’s family believe. In fact, the report speaks of death for unknown reasons. The corpse shows unequivocal signs of torture, including those signs that correspond to the attempt to hide the violence perpetrated to him. The disfigured face and the extraction of all the vital organs have outraged the whole world. The last word is now up to the autopsy performed by the Egyptian doctors. The battle carried out by Hassan’s family has just begun and aims to get the International Criminal Court and the UN Human Rights Commission to condemn Erdogan.

However, in Erdogan’s Turkey, the machine of repression knows no breaks, so a new case immediately arrived: the sudden arrest of the wife and daughter of an academic who died in prison after his health condition worsened. He is Ahmad Turan Ozgrit, also accused of gulenism when he was an assistant in the chair of computer engineering at the University of Sakarya who died because of a heart attack during his detention.

The reasons for the arrest of Esra Ozgret, 42, and Sana Nour Ozrit, 19, have not been disclosed, but any excuse for Erdogan is good. The hope is that the two women will be released as soon as possible, as well as respected during their stay in prison.

The repetition of the elections for mayor of Istanbul could represent a watershed also in terms of repression. As Erdogan did not accept the negative verdict of the polls the first time, he will not do it in the second votes either. In the case of a new defeat, he already knows how to act and what staging to organize in order to prevent the democratic opposition from defeating his party in Istanbul. But this is not all, in fact, Erdogan is ready and willing to repress any attempt at revolt, following the model stated by the Iranian Supreme Guide, Ali Khamenei, on the occasion of the Green Wave against Ahmadinejad in 2009.

In Istanbul, there is the risk that there will take place a carnage whose main victim will be the new generation that opposes the Sultan-Dictator Erdogan. And once again, the international community continues to watch without acting.



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