Sudan will back Saudi Arabia against “all threats and attacks” from Iran


A top Sudanese general has vowed to back Saudi Arabia against “all threats and attacks” from Iran, Sudan’s ruling military council said Friday.

General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, the deputy chief of Sudan’s new Transitional Military Council, made the comments during a meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Jeddah, the official Saudi Press Agency reported earlier in the day.

“Sudan is standing with the Kingdom against all threats and attacks from Iran and Houthi militias,” Dagalo, widely known as Himeidti, told the crown prince during their meeting, the council said in a statement.

A Saudi-led military coalition, which includes Sudan, backs an internationally recognised government against the Iran-aligned Houthi rebel group in Yemen’s conflict.

Himeidti also said the military council would continue deploying Sudanese troops to Yemen as part of the Arab coalition fighting Iran-backed Houthis.

It was Dagalo’s first international trip since Sudan’s army generals took power after they backed protesters in ousting longtime-leader Omar Al-Bashir last month.

The statement, the council’s first major foreign policy announcement, amounted to a continuation of the deposed leader’s policy.

“The Sudanese forces will remain in Yemen to defend the security of Saudi Arabia,” Himeidti said, according to the statement.


Source: AFP

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