XIII Curcio Award for Creative Activities


Active citizenship and digital citizenship are the two cornerstones of the education for the new generations. Curcio Award for Creative Activities, promoted by the Armando Curcio Association, in collaboration with the historic publishing house, invites participants to reflect on these competences through the creation of creative works through to express their idea of ​​Europe and of citizenship.

On Friday, May 24, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., at the prestigious Hall of Honor of the National Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions in Rome will take place the of award ceremony of the XIII Edition of the Curcio Award for Creative Activities, a non-profit initiative that summarizes the essence of the spirit that feeds the Armando Curcio Association and the organizations related to it: Armando Curcio Editore and the Armando Curcio Institute.

The jury will be composed of prominent figures belonging to the editorial, political and cultural world: Cristina Siciliano, Executive Vice President of Armando Curcio Editore, the Marshal of the Carabinieri Fabio Iadeluca, the archaeologist Edoardo Schina representing Aditum Cultura Association, Dr. Francesco Aquilanti representing the Museum of Civilizations, Souad Sbai, the directors of the film “Mò vi mento, Lira di Achille “and authors of the book with the same name published by Armando Curcio Editore, Stefania Capobianco and Francesco Gagliardi, Dr. Maria Cristina Guarini, Marketing Specialist at Esri Italia and Prof. Maria Cristina Coccoluto, journalist and linguist – lawyer at Collège d’Europe and EU institutions. The moderator of the event will be Gianfranco Phino, a well-known actor, comedian and imitator.

Among the guests will be present Vittoria Iacovella, RAI3 journalist of and writer for the new publishing brand created by Armando Curcio Editore, Risfoglia, of the book I Rompiscatole. Stories of heroes without cape; the author will be accompanied by two of the protagonists of their stories, Valerio Catoia and Hasnain Syed. Together with her, there will also be renowned authors including Tea Ranno, Fabio Di Cocco, Elisabetta Zanello, Barbara Brocchi, Andrea Oberosler and Emanuela Sabbatini, who will be in charge of giving the prizes to the winners, debating with the boys and girls on the subject of this year’s edition.

A prize addressed to Italian students of all kind of schools, Literary Parks and bookstores. Curcio Award for Creative Activities promotes openness to dialogue, the development of a critical sense and a subjective vision of the world, the willingness to cooperate and the free expression of creative talents, calling young people to reflect on issues that are different but still very current, through the creation of original works, a mirror of their inner world.


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