Morocco, young Muslims planted in Casablanca 3 olive trees in a cathedral, a synagogue and a mosque


Young Moroccan Muslims planted in Casablanca on Friday three olive trees at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Lourdes, the Neve Shalom synagogue and the mosque of Zaouia Harakia Kadiria in a show of fraternity and tolerance dubbed “Let’s Plant the Fraternity.”

The initiative was organized by the “Label Morocco l’Ghedd” and brought together 20 youth associations across Morocco, as well as Brussels.

President of the association “Marocains Pluriels” Ahmed Ghayet said this initiative reinforces the spirit of love, tolerance and brotherhood and calls for fighting extremist ideas.

He said Islam is a religion of tolerance and fraternity, adding that Christians, Muslims and Jews have been living together in this land of peace, Morocco, for centuries.

For his part, Rabbi of the Neve Shalom synagogue Jacky Sebag said the initiative reflects the spirit of fraternity and coexistence among all religions.

It also pays tribute to the victims of the Casablanca terrorist attack carried out by extremists on May 16, 2003, he added.

Acharif Omar Lamrani Lamrini, president of the Zaouia Harakia Kadiria mosque, also applauded the idea, saying it reflects the policy adopted by Morocco in dealing with its Christian and Jew citizens.

Father Germain Goussa stressed that religion brings humans together rather than split them apart, and that Morocco’s history is an example of “mutual acceptance”, highlighting that King Mohammad VI and Pope Francis are keen to spread the message of peace and tolerance.



Source: Asharq Al-Awsat

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