World Cup 2022: Stadium migrant workers in Qatar being paid as little as 82p-an-hour


Slogging away in blistering heat in Qatar, an army of workers is doing the graft so the super-rich nation can bask in the glory of hosting the World Cup in 2022, reported Daily Mirror.

Many of the 28,000 people building 7 new stadiums and infrastructure earn the equivalent of just 82p an hour.

That paltry amount is the minimum wage of 750 Qatari Riyal (£158) a month for a typical 48-hour week.

The nation is ranked the world’s richest and could ask the world cup contractors to pay far more than this.

Visiting some of the venues being built, the Mirror spoke to workers – many who are from among the poorest nations – and found out how little they are paid.

Unite assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail described pay, working conditions and accommodation in Qatar for migrant construction workers as “appalling” in many cases.

“While a huge step forward in a country where trade unions are illegal, it is limited to the World Cup venues.”

May Romanos, Gulf Researcher of Amnesty International, said: “Things are not changing as fast as Qatar would like us to believe.

“We believe that [football’s world governing body] FIFA has a responsibility to respect human rights in relation to workers on infrastructure.

“In October 2017, Qatar introduced a temporary minimum salary of QR 750 per month. It is less than the QR 900 that the Nepali government has requested… Qatar risks falling behind on its promise to tackle widespread labour exploitation and abuse of migrant workers.”

In time for the most controversial World Cup ever, £5 billion is being spent in Qatar on the new stadiums as well as transport links and roads. There had been reports of 1,200 deaths of workers, but organisers say there have been three fatalities recorded in accidents on construction of the venues.

One worker at Al Wakrah stadium in capital Doha told Daily Mirror: “I am a tiler inside the stadium, and help with other work. I earn 900 Riyal per month.” That is the equivalent of around £190 a month, 99p an hour. A workmate gave his pay as about the same.

Those with a trade, including scaffolders, carpenters and welders, might get around 1,300 Riyal (£272) a month or £1.41 an hour. At Lusail stadium construction site, Susil, 33, of Nepal, said he earns about that building the Metro which will take fans to the ground for the final. He said: “Sometimes you do not get paid on time. Or there may be money missing if they do not pay overtime… You have to wait a long time for the bus at the end of your shift. It makes your working day even longer.”



Source: Daily Mirror

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