Turkey, Zaki Mubarak’s sister puts Erdogan into trouble: “My brother’s body has obvious signs of violence and torture, and there are strong pressures to prevent an investigation into his death”


The sister of Zaki Mubarak, the Palestinian who died during his detention in Turkey, spoke to Al Arabiya about the pressure to keep the death of her brother a mystery as evident by the lack of information.

Sanaa Mubarak said that signs of torture and violence inflicted on her deceased brother were clear to the naked eye. “There is pressure from unknown sources” stopping an investigation. However, ever since the body had arrived and the coffin was opened, the signs of torture were “very, very clear,” she added.

Sanaa Mubarak also expressed her grief at the situation, adding that she was very disappointed with the Palestinian embassy which did not do anything to help in investigating the real cause of death.

Zaki’s sister called on Egypt to help, and the Palestinian Authority (PA) needed to do the same as well, claiming that the PA was very passive about the situation, despite the fact that her brother had always worked under the state.

Sanaa Mubarak said that they want to bury her brother in his homeland, Palestine, but that they would not accept condolences until the truth surrounding his death was unearthed.



Source: Al Arabiya

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