The International Community Asks Qatar To Respect Human Rights


By Souad Sbai

At the 41st session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, many member states are calling on Qatar to respect human rights. Europe, the Arab world, Asia, Africa: all together against Doha’s regime and the systematic violations of human rights. Also Italy.

Rome, in particular, called on the Qatari delegation to take measures to abolish discrimination against women, to abolish the death penalty and to coordinate with the International Labor Organization to guarantee foreign workers’ rights, making special reference to the Asian workers employed in the construction of the stadiums and structures that will house the 2022 FIFA World Cup. To date, there are over 5,000 workers killed or injured. Norway and Ireland also urged Doha to protect foreign workers’ rights, cancelling the obligation for workers to request permission from their employer to leave the country. Ireland also called on Qatar to abolish the death penalty.

Egypt, among the member countries of the Arab League, called on Qatar to stop supporting media platforms that incite violence and hatred, such as Al Jazeera. Lebanon asked Doha to strengthen legislation on health, to put an end to discrimination against foreigners entering the country and to guarantee residence permits. Saudi Arabia also raised the case of the Al Ghofran tribal family, subjected to serious discrimination and human rights violations by the Al Thani emirs, to whom Riyadh has asked to return the confiscated properties to the rival tribe. Saudi Arabia also called on Qatar to remove the obstacles that prevent Qatari residents from making a pilgrimage to Mecca. Iraq called on Qatar to stop discrimination against women and domestic violence by introducing laws that guarantee gender equality. Oman also addressed the issue of women’s rights, requiring Qatar to strengthen its political and economic role. Tunisia called on Doha to promote the rights of person with disabilities and to put an end to discrimination against them. Bahrain urged Qatar to respect foreign workers’ human rights, prevent forced labor and combat human trafficking (Nigeria among African countries).

Among Asian countries, Japan and Myanmar requested the adoption by Doha of measures aimed at ending discrimination against women in the education system and the exploitation of migrant workers.



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