Muslim candidate wanted; she must wear the veil


By Souad Sbai

Nasri Assiya, “the choice of change” made by the “grillini” (members of the 5 Stelle Movement), has the “merit” of wearing the veil. She makes it a symbol of freedom of choice and democracy, even if the veil is subtly used to establish women’s submission. The PD has the equivalent with the municipal councilor in Milan, Sumaya Abdel Qader. And those who question it are Islamophobes …

In Italy, women’s rights proceed … backwards. This is shown by Nasri Assiya, “the choice of change” made by the grillini, whose only merit to be a candidate for the municipal council in Montoro, in the province of Avellino, is to wear the veil imposed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course, the young ” mathematics student” makes her covered head a symbol of democracy and freedom; it is not necessary to doubt her sincerity, which is the result of the ideological, psychological and emotional manipulation of the sociocultural context of belonging, marked by the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood. In short, with veil and happy, even if the veil is subtly used to establish women’s submission.

The accusations of “Islamophobia” presented by the members of the Stelle Movement against the “haters” – a category that indifferently includes those who have insulted and those who have dared to criticize, in a civil and rational manner, the candidacy presented by the young woman for the local elections that will be celebrated on May 26th – play the game of propaganda and narratives expressly developed by Islamist thinkers to deceive the naive Westerners, especially if they are progressive and belonging to a certain left, possessed by that other ideological, psychological and emotional manipulation that is the so-called (misunderstood) multiculturalism.

The phenomenon of advancing backward women’s rights is, unfortunately, common in the entire West, where the leftist welcomes into their ranks and promotes Muslim women’s image and career on the condition that they wear the veil. Just think about the American PD or about the media phenomenon named as Ilhan Omar, the neo-parliamentary heroine of the hijab who does not hide her fundamentalist links, including the Turkish president Erdogan.

In Italy, the grillini certainly do not have the exclusivity of “veil” in politics. The precursor was the PD, whose pride is Sumaya Abdel Qader, placed at the City Council in Milan. Also interesting is a recent decision whereby the Milan Court acquitted some Italian newspapers denounced by Abdel Qader for having associated her with extremism because of her links with the Muslim Women’s European Forum, operating arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Brussels.

Nasrin Sotoudeh’s profile, the Iranian activist recently condemned by the Khomeinist regime to 34 years in prison and 148 lashes because of her battle against the mandatory veil, does not correspond with the ideal profile represented by a Muslim woman for the candidacies of PD and 5 Stelle. A profile that does not represent the large number of Tunisian and Moroccan women increasingly present at the highest levels of the ruling class and civil society in their respective countries: in fact, these women do not wear the veil.

With this, we do not in any way want to denigrate or delegitimize the women of the Islamic faith who wear it. The problem is the politicization of the garment and that is what the Muslim Brotherhood continues to promote in the West thanks to parties like PD and 5 Stelle, that, knowingly or not, place themselves at the service of advance of the Islamist agenda in Italy, presenting Nasri Assiya and Sumaya Abdel Qader as if they were a trophy. All this, while the extraordinary battle waged by Iranian women is culpably ignored and the small but forward steps taken by Saudi women in terms of rights are not recognized or minimized.

On the other hand, at least in Italy it is not yet possible to verify the existence of a center-right that has developed the capacity and awareness necessary to face the question of the political use of the veil by the pro-Islamist leftist. The law on the prohibition of wearing the veil that covers the face remains largely forgotten and not even the fact that a similar measure was adopted in Sri Lanka after the terrible massacre that took place on Easter Day, has led to the representatives of the Lega or other parties of the center-right to relaunch the discussion; let’s imagine talking about the parliamentary approval process of the law.

The ban on wearing the veil that covers the face in Sri Lanka has been strongly criticized by Al Jazeera, worldwide spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood, owned by the Qatari emirs. And we know how much the emirs influence in Italy, especially in some illustrious members of the current executive who do not belong to Stelle.


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