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The English version of the latest volume authored by Souad Sbai, “The Muslim Brotherhood and the Conquest of the West. From Istanbul to Doha, the Red Line of Jihad”, is now availaible in many bookstores across Italy.


The book aims to raise awareness in Italy and Europe about the real objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood and its sponsor states, Qatar and Turkey. Indeed, the “red line of jihad” binding together Doha, Istanbul and the Muslim Brotherhood, does not want to subjugate only the Arab world, but Western countries as well.


However, Europe does not want to recognize the extremist nature of the Muslim Brotherhood and keeps regarding it as a “moderate” force, allowing the affiliates of the organization to proselytize among the Islamic communities with Qatar’s financial backing. In Italy the Muslim Brotherhood have permeated thousands of mosques and cultural centers, where the second and third generation are being indoctrinated to its fundamentalist ideology, which is conducive to recruitment by ISIS and other terrorist groups.


Facing such a worrisome scenario, Souad Sbai’s book sounds the alarm bell, encouraging the Italians and the Europeans to oppose the Islamist alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar and Turkey, and the advance of their extremist agenda.

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