France suspend the activities of four Shiite centers close to Khomeinist Regime


The French Interior Ministry has called on the Council of Ministers to suspend the activities of four Shiite centers close to the Iranian regime for their support of Hamas, the Lebanese Hezbollah’s military wing and the Islamic Jihad, as well as anti-Semitic propaganda. French President Emmanuel Macron has declared these Shiite centers to be illegal.

Christophe Castaner, French Interior Minister, announced on Wednesday March 20 the closure of four Shiite centers in the country. These four centers are the Zahra Center, the French Shiite Federation, the Anti-Zionist Party, and the Marian TV Network.

Christophe Castaner says the centers have promoted armed jihad in preaching centers, in books they published, on the Internet, and in all of the platforms at their disposal. In his statement, Castaner wrote about the Zahra Center activities: “The Zahra Center is an advocate of military jihad among the teenagers and calls for unconditional support of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah’s military wing. He recalled that the European Union has put all these groups on the list of terrorist groups.

In a report to the French Council of Ministers, Benjamin Grivois, spokesman for the French government, has also accused the Shiite centers of anti-Semitic propaganda .

During a counter-terrorist operation on October 2nd, over 200 French security and police forces attacked the Zahra Center on the outskirts of Dunkirk in the Grand-Saint area in eastern France. Homes of the individuals in charge of said Islamic center were searched and 11 were arrested. Three of them were charged with carrying unauthorized weapons.

The Zahra Center was established by a Yahya Qassemi in 2009. He is a founding member of the Anti-Zionist Party who participated in the European Union elections and even presented their candidate list. The police also searched Qassemi’s house.

The Zahra Center’s position favors the Khomeinist regime and Hezbollah of Lebanon. In addition to the Anti-Zionist Party, this center has on several occasions been host to other organizations including the French Shiite Federation.

The French Ministry of Interior had previously blocked the Zahra’s Center’s assets for six months. If French President Emmanuel Macron agrees with the Ministry of Interior’s request, this center’s activities along with four other centers close to the Iranian regime will be declared illegal before that deadline.



Source: ISICRC (Islamic State of Iran Crime Research Center)

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